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May 30, 2017

Travelling without a written guide can often feel as if you’re blindfolded, trying to explore a new location without any real idea of where you’re going and why. They’ve become an essential part of any holiday, and, thanks to the rise of the internet, are now more easily accessible than ever. With this, the number of online travel blogs has grown exponentially, all giving their own advice on how to best spend your time in a certain place in the world. Townske compiles blogs from all across the globe into one easy-to-use app, and ensures you’ll never be lost for ideas again, no matter where you are.

Whether it be the pubs of London, delicatessens in Paris, or the best cheesecake money can buy in New York, Townske probably has a blog written on it. It’s a place for you to find opinions and information on most parts of the world, all written by different people. A general feed will promote the most recent and approved-of articles, but these can be anywhere from Sydney to San Diego; to read blog posts focused on an area you’re interested in, you can simply add that particular location in its own tab, and a feed based around that city will be available. Another option is to find nearby locations, useful if you’re scouting for ideas in your local area, or if you’ve already made the journey to your holiday destination – this can be viewed in list or map form. Alternatively, simply searching for key words will bring about blogs written about exactly what you’re looking for: pubs London; café Paris; cheesecake New York.

It isn’t essential to have an account with Townske but it makes using the app that much easier. You can approve of posts, which is invaluable feedback for its writer. An account also allows you to share what you read on social media, again helping its writer but your friends who may be interested also. The most useful feature of having an account, though, is the ability to file posts in a list. If you’re searching for multiple different things, you can add articles to a favourites pile which you can easily return to later, making it simple to go back to whichever post you found informative before.

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The amount of content Townske provides for the major cities across the world is impressive, with some featuring in a hundred-or-so blog posts. Yet when it comes to the lesser-known cities, the difference is obvious: Manchester, for example, one of Britain’s biggest cities, has only six articles written on it. Of course a city like London is going to feature more – it’s bigger in size and stature. Yet it’s disappointing that certain places which are just as worthwhile visiting are left out.

Whether it be the pubs of London, delicatessens in Paris, or the best cheesecake money can buy in New York, Townske probably has a blog written on it.

For the larger cities, though, Townske is a great way to learn about the culture, must-see locations, and where to eat and drink. Whereas a Lonely Planet guide will give you a long list of a city’s features, each blog in Townske is personally written with amateur photography. It’s the sort of article you yourself might write, by a non-travel writer hoping to give someone advice. Because of how easy it is to search and save blog posts, it’s also much easier to use than just searching on the internet for ideas. Everything’s in one place, no matter which city you’re looking to escape to.

It might not be the ultimate guide to wherever you’re travelling to, but Townske provides personal opinions from a variety of different people, all fitting neatly into one app. You could be recommended places you’d otherwise never had heard of from someone who perhaps one day felt as blindfolded as you – that’s the beauty of travelling and sharing experiences.

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