Tour de France Paid Apps Part 2

Jun 27, 2010

I’m getting really excited for the Tour de France and apparently so are the app makers. A few new apps came out just this week. One way or the other here’s the group of paid apps to make your Tour even better.

Tour de France 2009

The 2009 tour is over but the game continues. Manage your energy, make sure you stop at the feed zones and corner without crashing. Can’t be a bike racer? You can be on this app!


Cycling Glossary

What the heck is a peloton? What is a musette bag? That sounds scary. Learn these terms and more so you don’t sound dumb. Cause we will totally heckle you if you do 🙂


Paris Charles de Gaulle(CDG) Airport Guide (France)

If you need this app for your experience of the tour I don’t want to talk to you as clearly you’re much more fortunate than I am! Jealous!



The paid version of this app has a bit more than the free version and for 99 cents it’s not a huge expense. You’ll get access to the UCI road cycling circuit including rosters, tweets, news and more.


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