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Jun 25, 2010

Oh, right, so you’re going to France to watch the Tour. Awesome and I’m certain you’ve put my ticket in the mail? Where are we staying?

No? OK, you’re lame but because I’m nice here’s a list of apps for you to enjoy the tour. Let me know how they work out for you.

I’ll try to not be bitter.

Paris Charles de Gaulle(CDG) Airport Guide (France)

Yes we know, you’re going to France and of course you’ll need information about the airport. Oddly this app isn’t free but you’re going to France to watch the tour… you can afford it!


The guide of the stages 2010

want to know more about the stages, the teams, start and finish times of this years race? This is the app for you. Sure, you’ll see it in person but at least this app will tell you where to go (in France, I’ve already told you under my breath).


Météo Tour France

Want to know what the weather will be like for the tour? This free app is for you. Though really, if you have an app to watch the weather for the tour you are a total tour geek.


French-English Translation Dictionary and Verbs

What, you’re going to France and don’t know French? You should really just give me your ticket instead. Oui! But since that’s not going to happen likely you should at least have this handy app on your phone so you can say something to the lovely people hosting you in their country. At least know how to scream “GO!” like a local.


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