Toughest iPhone and Android Games. Period.

Jan 26, 2018

Do you find yourself playing hours of Candy Crush a week or guiding a chicken across the road in Crossy Road on those long commutes to work? These games are great and definitely provide us with hours of fun, but have you ever wanted something a bit more challenging, a game that gives you a true sense of accomplishment? There are a number of games out there that are just as addictive but feel more on par with the difficulty we are used to with a PC game.

Below are five of the toughest games for your iPhone or Droid:

Mr Jump (iOS, Android)

Mr Jump requires you to guide your constantly moving, block head character across the map. Sounds easy but you have to do this while ensuring that he avoids spikes, water and any other obstacles he might encounter along the way. The fast pace of this game makes what at first sounds easy into a near impossible but highly addictive game.

100 Doors (iOS, Android)

100 Doors is exactly what it says in the name, 100 doors that you as the player must solve clues to open. With each level you are faced with a new locked door and given clues and riddles that you have to work through in order to open the door. Throughout the game you collect objects that could come in useful in a later level but, with over 100 levels at the games last update, matching objects to levels is a challenge on its own. The game will have you staring at your phone screen for hours, while swiping and tapping your finger at the screen just hoping something will happen

The Impossible Game (iOS, Android)

A game with a simple premise, tap the screen to jump while guiding an orange square across the map and avoiding the spikes along the way. This game however is far from simple, just one wrong tap and the orange box could hit a spike, resulting in instant death, taking you back to the beginning of the level. The soundtrack in this game helps to create a truly immersive experience that you truly could lose hours playing just trying to get to the end of a level.

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QWOP (iOS, Android)

QWOP is not your standard running game, where you simply hold down a run button and guide your character from left to right. QWOP takes game play to a whole new level, giving you control over your characters arms and legs. It does take a while to get used to the controls in this game but you’re sure to have fun while learning, watching your runner fall flat on his face and do flips in the air.

DroidFish (Android)

DroidFish is a chess game for the more confident chess players out there. The game makes use of the Stockfish Chess engine, providing users with some truly challenging opponents that you don’t see in most chess apps on the market.

This is a chess app for those that enjoy punishment, gluttons for chess pain and torture – only download this if you dare. Or, if you’re Magnus Carlsen.

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