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May 19, 2010

I’m always amazed when people haven’t heard of or used different social media apps. Sure, many people don’t live in that world but if you work for a nonprofit, promote your own business or attend conferences these are the apps you need to know about.


Let’s face it this is likely the first social media app you ever started with and if you’re a business, nonprofit or just a person this app is absolutely necessary.


HootSuite Lite for Twitter

Showing my preference here but if you only manage a few twitter accounts this is my preference for a iPhone tool for tweeting. If you manage more than 3 twitter streams opt for the full version (it’s cheap enough and good enough to pay for).



Not as big of a fan of linked in but if you’re on it and want to stay updated with the network then you’ll need this app.



You’re at a conference. You’re taking pictures on your phone. Now you can upload and tag them and be a part of the picture conversation instantly. No need to wait to upload photos.


Foursquare – Find Places to Eat, Drink, and Visit

This is a great social media/networking tool. Find who is at an event with you. Follow them and continue the conversation on a break or after the convference. A must have for this purpose alone.


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