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Jun 28, 2017

As technologies continue to be developed, a new business model which leverages the sharing economy has emerged and gained a significant amount of popularity. With the concept of the collaborative community, all users can seamlessly and effectively communicate with each other while taking on the forces of supply and demand. From transportation to other on-demand services, many apps are released which utilizes the skills of millions of people around the world in a cost effective manner. This article discusses the best tools that are available for communicating and using the human resources of others in a sharing economy.


As one of the fastest growing and most popular ride sharing apps, Uber is ideal for those who are looking for a fast and reliable ride at any time. Easy to use, all that is required from the user’s perspective is to tap a button to request a ride without having to hail a taxi. With different options available for different occasions, the app has grown to encompass a solution for a multitude of uses, from larger vehicles for more riders to those that are designed for maximum accessibility. Without owning a car in its fleet, Uber is highly affordable and convenient, often competing directly with traditional taxi services. What makes the app so captivating is that there are a host of features that make it extremely easy to order a ride. For example, upon ordering an Uber, users can see exactly how long it will take for their ride to arrive at their location while fare prices are paid prior to getting in the car so that there is no dispute on prices or the route that is taken. With an increasing number of drivers on the road every day, the app is one that is a must-have to engage in affordable rides in the sharing economy.


Considered to be one of the most significant sharing economy apps that exist, Airbnb enables its users to look for a space to rent which can include rooms, entire homes, and shared flats. What makes Airbnb a sharing economy tool, however, is that the hosts of the rooms and locations are not hotels, but rather regular home owners who may have a spare property,  room, or even just a bed. Ideal for people who are seeking cheap, temporary accommodations such as for travellers, the app becomes a great resource for a high degree of flexibility. With a wide range of prices for nearly any budget, the number of available hosting locations and variety in accommodations continues to grow while users can see images of the accommodation, where it is located, and the contact information of the host for any inquiries. Offered around the world as an alternative to expensive hotels, the rooms that are available through Airbnb are economically great for both renters and those with spare space.

Rover – Cheaper Shared Parking App

For people who often have trouble finding a cheap and reliable parking site, Rover allows vehicle owners and drivers to find vacant parking spots nearby that are less expensive and more convenient than allocated parking spots by the city or private property. Recognized as the Airbnb of parking, those who have vacant parking spots that are not in use are able to post it on Rover to where others who want to rent the spot are able to. This makes it an economical alternative to city parking spots that are highly overpriced, in crowded areas, and are usually not as accessible. With everything done through the app, users are able to find parking nearby, book while on-the-go, and then get all of the required information to find it. An aspect of Rover that is extremely compelling is that users can see exactly how much time they have left in the spot before they have to vacate it. With this, there is no dispute on how much longer a user has at a particular parking spot before they must leave. Perfect for drivers everywhere and those with vacant spots, Rover is the best parking app in the sharing economy.

How Rover Parking Works

Want to know more about how Rover Parking works, check out our short overview video. Any questions, email us at [email protected]

DogVacay – Pet Sitting, Dog Boarding & Daycare

Similar to babysitting, DogVacay leverages the sharing economy to ensure that pets always have a place to stay in the event that nobody is available to watch them. With five-star animal watchers across North America, the app is one that allows pet owners to leave their loved ones with those nearby who happen to be qualified and available to care for pets. Through the DogVacay app, users can make a reservation extremely quickly that will include a premium pet insurance, daily updates either through video or picture, and customer support. From the perspective of the pet sitter, those who have additional time and a love for animals are able to earn extra income by simply caring for the pets of others for a temporary period of time. Leveraging the time and resources of others in the community, DogVacay is the must-have app for those who cannot watch their pet for a temporary period of time.

DogVacay: Premium, Trusted Home Dog Boarding

With DogVacay, your pet stays in a sitters home or yours! Pet parents like you have booked millions of stays with our community of more than 20,000 sitters. Find out how DogVacay’s home dog boarding service works now!

DoorDash – Food Delivery

To get food delivery in a matter of minutes even from restaurants that do not offer delivery service, DoorDash is the perfect app which has a fleet of freelance deliverers. With the ability to browse over 40,000 different menus, the food delivery service app is one that is updated on a regular basis to reflect changes in menu options and partnered restaurants. To make the app highly usable, features include delivery tracking, scheduled deliveries, and saved orders for fast reorders. As a prominent app in the sharing-economy space, DoorDash is highly convenient to use and offers reliable service from thousands of people who can provide on-demand delivery services. Although other food delivery services such as UberEats are spurring up, DoorDash remains as one of the best and most competitive in the space.

DoorDash: “Get the Door” (full)

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As the sharing economy business model continues to grow, the apps listed in this article are able to leverage the skills, time, and resources of thousands of people to provide cheap and convenient services for customers.  With benefits to both the person offering their services as well as to the customers, these iOS apps are highly applicable to many regular needs and tasks.

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