Top Rated Carbon Footprint Apps

Feb 24, 2011

One of Reliant Energy’s goals is to bring more green information and products to its customers in order to help them reduce their impact on the environment. Reducing your carbon footprint is a good way to start.

Carbon Footprint

This app allows you to track your fuel usage for multiple cars and then it calculates your carbon footprint statistics based on your usage.


Zero Carbon

This app lets you know about the greenhouse gas emissions that affect the climate and the result of your daily habits. It also offers you simple tips for reducing your emissions.



This app is designed to give businesses a rough idea of the CO2 emissions caused by some of their key daily activities, including travel, electricity usage and waste, as well as environmental impact.


The Extra Mile

This app allows you to calculate your carbon dioxide emissions prior to taking a trip, driving your car, carpooling, etc.



This app allows you to connect with other people for the purpose of sharing rides, and while doing so, save time, money and reduce carbon emissions.


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