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Aug 12, 2017

Although happiness is highly subjective and hard to measure, a less common way to increase happiness is through donating and giving back to the community. While an increase in salary is beneficial, the amount of happiness after roughly $75,000 in income is marginal when compared to philanthropic approaches. Even though this approach increases happiness as well as improves the welfare of society, the emotional benefits are not immediately recognized or tangible as purchasing new clothes or accessories. For these reasons, the apps mentioned in this article encourage charitable behavior for the benefit of both the donator and receiver in a streamlined way.

Give 2 Charity – Donations

To gamify the donation process that deviates from money, Give 2 Charity lets users earn points which can then be redeemed for monetary donations from the app. To participate, users need to turn on their location settings to begin earning points. With the data that is collected, users can then do surveys on different locations they have visited to earn even more points. The accumulated points can then be used to redeem money to be donated. For example, 1,500 points earns $2 while 5,000 earns $10. The money can then be donated to a select number of pre-chosen charities such as Habitat for Humanity or Action Against Hunger. With a list of charities that the user can donate to, the app ensures that only the most reputable and efficient charities receive the funds. Along with minimal inputs required from the donor except for turning on the GPS of the mobile device, nearly anyone can help in giving back to society without having to give money or blood. As one of the easiest ways to become more philanthropic, Give 2 Charity makes the donation process extremely easy for any mobile phone user.

Blood Donor by American Red Cross

Blood is one of the most important donations that can be made by an individual in order to benefit others. For every donation of blood that is given, up to 3 people can be saved which emphasizes its importance relative to other forms of donation. While only a limited number of donations can be made in a period of time, many donations can be made over a lifetime. However, many people forgo it altogether as a result of inconvenience and lack of knowledge associated with the effectiveness of each donation regarding saving lives and helping others. Blood Donor is an app which curbs these issues by helping keep donors informed about the benefits associated with such a donation as well as streamlining the booking process to minimize inconvenience. By being able to book the desired time and location, inconvenience and any barriers to making a donation are significantly diminished. Beyond this, the information regarding the donations is stored directly onto the app which includes blood type, donation history, and the donor card so that each visit requires less time, making it one of the most important apps that can be used to speed up the process of giving blood for return donors as well as first-time donors.

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Hunger is an issue that plagues millions of people each year that includes both adults and children. As this is a growing problem as a result of drought and political embargos which ultimately restricts trade, ShareTheMeal is an app which aims to reduce starvation one meal at a time. With just a single tap, users can feed a child based on the value of their donation. For example, $0.50 will feed a child for a day while more money would be able to feed them for a longer period of time or even more children. This ensures that donations are not only given when users have physical change and someone asking for it, but can also be given at anytime from anywhere. By being able to track how much has been donated monthly, users can easily see their donations while also receiving a more tangible understanding of how it is being used when compared to donating change elsewhere. While donating can increase an individual’s happiness, their trust and generosity can vary based on their ability to see what their donation is being used for. With ShareTheMeal, users can easily develop a connection by being able to evaluate how many meals they are providing for with their donation, making it a highly recommended donation app.

Golden Volunteer Opportunities

As opposed to giving money or blood, time is also a valuable resource that can be donated in order to give back to the community. For those who are more interested in volunteering for different causes, Golden Volunteer Opportunities is an app which can help connect volunteers with opportunities that range from helping the homeless to food drives. With the app, users can enter in a time and date that they would be available to volunteer. Furthermore, by having a variety of different opportunities, volunteers are able to pick and choose the activities that are specifically tailored to their interested, ultimately increasing the number of volunteers as well as the number of activities each volunteer participates in. Breaking down the barriers towards volunteering, the app ensures that the right volunteers are matched with the appropriate organizations so that they can begin to make a difference together. With the ability to participate with corporations, charitable organizations, or influencers, Golden Volunteer Opportunities connects organizations that require volunteers with those who are seeking to contribute to sociable causes.

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With so many different ways to give back to society, the apps outlined in this article list several methods in which mobile phone users can become more philanthropic. From volunteering to donating blood, charitable giving is a way in which many people can feel better about their contribution to benefit the lives of others. Although charity is often associated with donating money, it is evident that there are many other forms of giving back which can be done in a much more streamlined manner when compared to traditional ways. For these reasons, the introduction of mobile apps as the mediator in this process has never been more relevant.

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