Top Overrated Games!

Apr 17, 2012

The games that Apple want you to buy. And yet hugely disappoint in terms of how boring/basic they are in the grand scheme of things…

Angry Birds Space

Because its the number one grossing app, and people STILL think its a unique idea. Wake up people! This has been ripped off from so many superior and original game designers which released their games with gravity well before Rovio did.


Air Penguin

Thanks for butchering the tilt concept. Its really unresponsive, counterintuitive controls annoy me. Plus i think i now hate penguins. The game is just to repetive right up to the end of the first section.



Classic example of how Apple messed up. The game crashes ALL the time. Where they being blindly commercial on this one ? Probably.


Contre Jour

Prbably the WEIRDest game ever. Just a cut the rope remake with admittedly nice graphics. But the concept is not fully formed, with limited interaction with the background and poor responsiveness. I gave up after 6 levels. Bored me.


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