Top iPhone Christmas Apps

Dec 10, 2010

The iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are set to be big stocking fillers again this year, so this is a list for anyone who finds an iDevice under their iTree this year. And if you’re already equipped, these apps are the perfect way to build the iXmas anticipation through the App Store.

Santa’s Big Helper: 9 Christmas Apps in 1

Reignite the magic of Christmas for the kids, with one of the few apps the whole family can enjoy together.



You do all the work at Xmas, so why not look the part? And when Spring rolls around, just say you’re a Vulcan, not an elf.


Tweet That Weather

If it’s a white Christmas wherever you are, tell the world with this Tweeting weather app.


Christmas Advent Calendar – The Best 25 Free Apps

Christmas needn’t cost a packet if you check out the seasonal freebies through this advent calendar app.


Christmas Soundboard

Ring a happy Christmas tune whenever you take the iPhone out of your pocket, and spread some jingley cheer.
Jingle bells. Batman smells.


Christmas Carol

The book that started Christmas (no, not the bible) presented in this great app with all the original illustrations in retina quality.


BigOven 350,000+ Recipes and Grocery List

Get your goose going with this great recipe app. Figure out what to do with the Xmas leftovers while avoiding too many turkey sandwiches.


MORE! – The ultimate voucher code and offers app

Grab some pre-Xmas bargains with this GPS-aware app that tells you where the nearest savings can be found.


eBay – Shop, Search, Buy & Sell. The Best Deals and Discounts on Cars, Clothes, Gadgets & more.

Got some pressies you’re not going to use? Wait for the New Year to roll around, then get them listed on eBay. It’s a bit like recycling.


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