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Sep 20, 2017

As students head back to school, an issue that is on the rise is distractions in the classroom which impedes on the ability to focus and learn effectively. This situation is further propelled with the increase in number of devices that are introduced into the classroom each year to include phones, tablets, and laptops, all of which provide more access to information at the expense of total focus. To counter distractions, this article discusses the apps that can be utilized to limit the number of distractions that a student is exposed to as a way to increase focus.

Freedom – Reduce Distractions

For mobile devices, the access to information and different forms of entertainment can be a massive source of distractions that wastes time and takes away from activities that matter. As a way to reduce the number of distractions that a user is exposed to, Freedom helps to block apps and websites for a certain period of time. By being able to select the different apps and websites that are added to the temporary block list, users are not only reliant on self-discipline, but are essentially forced to adhere to their own restrictions set through the app. Easy to implement and set, users must really consider their needs if they are planning to utilize the app as once the timer has been set on various apps and websites, it cannot be unlocked until the time is up. Furthermore, Freedom ensures that the distractions that are blocked on one device cannot be accessed by another device by also allowing users to include all of the devices which they would like to block as well. In doing so, users cannot simply use their laptop or another device to access the blocked apps or sites, making it one of the best for students to improve their focus.

What is Freedom | What does it do | Why use it?

Quick tour of: 1. The problems the Freedom app solves 2. How to use Freedom 3. Features overview. Freedom blocks distracting websites and apps on iPhone, iPad and Mac and Windows computers. Over 150,000 users install Freedom to focus on work or study without the distraction of social media, email, shopping, or other apps and sites that captivate, burn time and lead to unproductive hours.

Forest by Seekrtech

To gamify the notion of focus and eliminating distractions, Forest is an app which incentivizes users to avoid using their phone for a “streak” like reward. The premise of the app is that users set a time in which they would like to remain focused. Once, they hit begin, if they use their device, the tree dies, but if they do not touch their device until the time is up, the tree is fully grown. This ensures that if users are already on their way to planting a tree, they will be more hesitant to utilize their device. Furthermore, with enough trees, users can have their own entire forest that shows how well they have remained focused over a period of time. One of the best features of the app is that it brings a competitive element to the process of not being distracted as friends are able to compare their forests with one another. Perfect for students who seek a gamified form of keeping focused, Forest is a highly engaging app that boasts a high degree of effectiveness for eliminating distractions.

Habitica: Gamified Task Manager

Many people are familiar with short bursts of productivity that do not last. For this reason, it is important to form habits that reinforce long-term work ethics which is why Habitica is so applicable. As another app that gamifies the process of eliminating distractions, users are able to set their goals, habits, to do lists, and other tasks which they either want to work on or remove. After this, users can also set up their avatar which is completely customizable to the user. Upon doing this, the avatar can level or be demoted based on what the user does relative to the goals that they have listed. For example, if a user has the goal of not checking Facebook or another social media network but do anyway, their character loses experience points. Opposite to this, if a user is able to closely follow their goals, the character can level up and unlock additional features. The app also introduces a social aspect by allowing users to compare their avatars and even battle monsters with other people in a team environment by completing more of their goals. As one of the engaging ways to ensure that focus and productivity is maximized while eliminating distractions, Habitica is an intuitive and engaging mechanism for doing so.

Habitica: Gamify Your Life

Shouldn’t getting things done also be fun? Now it can be! iOS App: Android App: Website: Habitica helps you improve your real-life habits and productivity by making life more like a game. Input your Habits, your Daily goals, and your To-Do list, and then check off tasks to level up your avatar and unlock features such as armor, pets, and even quests!

Onward – Reduce Screen Time and Block Social Media

Leveraging proprietary studies and behavioural sciences, Onward is an app that scientifically reduces the issue of internet and social media addiction so that focus can be allocated to other tasks. Through a series of limitation on screen time as well as restrictions on certain apps and sites, users effectively limit the number of distractions that they are exposed to. Further to this, Onward offers a tremendous amount of analytical data so that it can help users in terms of preventing triggers that would prompt users to use their phone or control cravings. With a high degree of analytics, users can tell exactly how much time they are spending on each site and even how much time is spent on an activity such as videos or social media. With such a scientific approach to reducing distractions, it is estimated that over half Onward users stop overusing their devices while they spend roughly 26% less time than they would before using the app. Given how effective the app is in helping its user base increase, it is one of the highest regarded apps in the space.

As an increasing number of technological devices are introduced into the classroom each year, so does the frequency at which students become distracted. With phones, laptops, and tablets all have immense access to information as well as the capacity to keep its users entertain for hours at a time, it is especially important to maintain the level of usage. Although self-discipline may not be enough, the tools listed in that article are able to help curb the distractions that a phone user is exposed to by blocking various apps and websites, gamifying the act of focusing, and even helping form healthy habits which are sustainable in the long run.

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