Top iOS Apps for Sleep Optimization

In a fast paced world, many things need to be sacrificed every day in order to keep up with professional, social, and personal obligations. Some of the most common things that are skipped are meals or work which may not affect the body as much in the long term when compared to sleep. Sleep is regarded as one of the activities that are critical to long-term mental and physical performance and cannot be skipped continuously without consequences to the brain and body. In order to ensure that users get a peaceful sleep every night to maximize efficiency, the apps listed in this article are able to leverage the countless research and studies that have been done to bring users the tools for getting a proper sleep cycle.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Developed by Northcyb AB, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is an innovative app which is supported by a tremendous amount of test results to help users get the best sleep possible. The app accurately follows the sounds from sleeping to suggest a time or period which would be optimal to waking the user up. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is perfect for avoiding both oversleeping as well as not getting enough sleep which can be damaging to efficiency and health. Depending on the analysis of the sounds that a user makes while they are sleeping, the app makes a near precise estimate about the lightest phase of the sleep cycle and wakes the user up at that point in time. It not only enables for tension free sleeping, but is perfect for making sure that users wake up at a time when their body is completely rested and ready for the day of work. A perfect companion for those who either oversleep or find themselves not sleeping enough as a result of their natural cycle, the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is a great tool for waking up at an optimal time.

Sleep Better – Sleep Cycle Tracker & Alarm Clock

Another application that is aimed at providing a tailored solution to its users, Sleep Better is an app that collects a significant amount of data, both regarding sleep and daily activities, to improving sleep habits. By collecting daily sleep cycle information, the app can suggest the optimum amount of rest that the body needs which is different for each individual. Furthermore, the purpose of collecting details regarding daily activities is to understand if any habits that the user has is affecting the sleep cycle. To increase the degree of customization that is possible on the app, Sleep Better also allows its users to select a period of time within which they would want to wake up instead of a single strict time. Through this, it uses highly proprietary software to decide upon a proper time to wake the user up in that specified period of time. As one of the most customizable apps available on the App Store designed to improve habits that affect sleep cycles, Sleep Better is a great tool that can provide a tremendous amount of value for all users.

Sleep Time : Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm Clock Tracker, Insights Analysis, Better Soundscape

Created by Azumio Inc, Sleep Time is the first smart alarm app which allows its user to store their sleep data on Apple Health Cloud for multidevice accessibility. Similar to Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, Sleep Time chooses the lightest point of a users sleep cycle to wake them up in a specified time frame. With enough usage, the app collects data to give feedback on the sleep cycle to optimize sleep and get the best rest possible. Through a detailed analysis of the sleep cycle, Sleep Time stores the data and presents it in such a way that is extremely intuitive to understand such as through a series of graphs, tables, and charts so that comparison of monthly data is possible. Furthermore, the app offers sleep assistance by allowing users to listen to white noises which is scientifically proven to enhance sleep, making it one of the most comprehensive sleep tools available on the App Store.

SleepBot – Smart Cycle Alarm with Motion & Sound Tracker

Sleepbot is a smart cycle alarm system that allows its users to play ambient sounds to improve the quality of their sleep. By being able to set multiple precautionary alarms that increase in volume prior to the final alarm, users can ease into waking up instead of having just one alarm that can be very sudden and stressful. Furthermore, the app collects longtime sleeping trends and provides statistical data that can be used to reevaluate sleeping habits. With tips to fall asleep faster as well as the automatic backup of data to the Cloud, SleepBot is extremely convenient to implement into a daily sleeping routine.

Pillow: Sleep tracking & analysis alarm clock

Created by Neybox Digital Ltd., Pillow is a smart clock which tracks the phases of a sleep cycle independently and automatically backs up the information to the Cloud. By leveraging the existing hardware of the iPhone, the app analyzes the sounds that are produced during sleep in order to choose the optimal period of time to wake the user up. Beyond just tracking sounds that are made during sleep, Pillow also takes into consideration a wide array of metrics to include weight, heart rate, blood pressure, caffeine, and alcohol consumption to provide a more complete view of a person’s habits. With all of this information, the app can give a detailed report of what can be done in order to improve the sleep cycle. As one of the most comprehensive apps to getting an overview of the factors that affect the quality of sleep, Pillow is highly recommended sleep improvement app.

Given that sleep is one of the most important activities that are done which can have a profound impact on mental and physical health, the apps listed in this article are able to significantly improve sleeping habits and quality. Leveraging both the software and hardware that is available on the iPhone, these apps provide low cost alternatives to expensive medicines that are designed to improve sleep.