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Aug 11, 2017

As mobile phones are integrated with more technology that enables for communication such as cameras, networks, and microphones, a growing issue that concerns millions of people is privacy and security. Given that information has become the target for many governments, agencies, and hackers, it has never been more important to protect confidential data. For those without significant knowledge in the cyber security space, the apps listed in this article can help in reducing the exposure and risks associated with using a smartphone when it comes to unwanted access.

Norton WiFi Privacy VPN

For users of open-source networks such as at coffee shops and restaurants, many vulnerability exists in terms of exposed data. To reduce the risk of having data stolen or a device hacked when connected to a public network, it is highly recommended that mobile device users install Norton WiFi Privacy VPN which is able to effectively encrypt and secures the data that is transferred. In having data protected, users get an extra layer of security that ensures their private information such as addresses and credit card details are not compromised. By blocking any attempts to track a user through their online activity, location, or cookies, Norton WiFi Privacy VPN brings forth a degree of security that resembles that of professional in the space. Furthermore, while the functions that the app performs are highly complicated to mask the information, its interface and integration into the phone are designed for ease-of-use so that even the most simple users can apply the security measures, making it one of the best security apps available on the App Store.

Signal – Private Messenger

For many mobile phone user, not only is messaging a crucial form of communication, the messages itself carries a private aspect which can be devastating both personally and professionally if compromised. To ensure that messages are not tracked and recorded by hackers or other third-party organizations, Signal is an end-to-end encryption messaging app which provides a messaging service resembling other texting apps but with a greater degree of privacy. For example, group and video chats can be created with Signal while the encryption ensures more security that is not available with alternative apps. Furthermore, messages are automatically deleted after a set period of time so that even if the phone is compromised or lost, access the message history is impossible to retrieve. Highly applicable to those who are concerned about the privacy and security of their texts, this app can be used by industry professional or students alike as a result of the intuitive interface. A perfect alternative to traditional texting apps, Signal is one of the best security-based messaging apps available for a higher level of privacy.

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Mynigma – Safe email made simple

Emails are typically the most popular means of communication in a workplace. With that, confidential information is sent back and forth from employees around the world. Given the sensitivity nature of many emails, keeping them secured is extremely important against those who may want to gain access. Mynigamna is an app that provides email encryptions for the sole purpose of increasing email security.  In having emails encrypted, the ability for prying eyes that may be interested in accessing confidential information is significantly hindered due to the extra form of security that is not readily available with other email services. By having the user interface similar to ones that are found on other popular services such as Gmail or Outlook, Mynigma is one that is easy to grasp for new users. Furthermore, although encryption is often regarded as highly technical and difficult to understand, the automation of the encryption process makes it easy to apply by non-technical users. As the encryption takes place on the app as opposed to having Cloud-based encryption, the data remains secure the entire time with no vulnerabilities, making it a highly recommended app for email security.

VPN Browser – TOR-powered unlimited VPN

With regards to internet browsing, many users are oblivious to the degree of transparency that is associated with stock browsers. For example, many websites and browsers collect personal information to target a user on specific ads as well as metadata for location-based tracking. For more anonymous browsing that restricts the ability of third-party companies from identifying where and what a user has been searching through online, VPN Browser by Tor is a highly recommended tool that has the ability to hide a user’s IP address and browsing history. Furthermore, the app is developed by Tor, a company widely known for creating browsers which is recognized for their degree of anonymity which is uncommon with alternative browsers. With the ease of use that is comparable to Google, the browser will be easily familiarized with extra forms of security. Given further access to websites that are blocked and prevention of tracked data, VPN Browser is one of the best internet apps on the App Store for increased privacy.

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While the notion that internet security and privacy can only be achieved through a high level of technical understanding, the apps listed in this article have the ability to provide an extra layer of security while maintaining the usability of alternative services. From browsing the internet to text messages, these apps ensure that whatever is being sent is encrypted for maximum privacy. As security becomes increasingly threatened by hackers, governments, and hackers who are interested in obtaining personal data, the relevancy of these apps continue to grow to protect public privacy like never before.

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