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Aug 15, 2017

One of the biggest issues pertaining to the sustainability of human life is the pace at which the environment is changing as a result of pollution. From car pollution to the dumping of harmful chemicals, many human activities are extremely detrimental to the environment which has resulted in mass extinction of several species. In order to ensure a viable future, drastic measures need to take place immediately to offset the damage that has been done. With the apps in this article, users can begin to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.


One of the biggest issues related to climate change is related to the perception and awareness of the impact that humans have in the process. Dropcountr is an app which aims to reduce wasted water by educating consumers on the amount of water that is used on a daily basis. The app will connect consumers to the local water provider so that there is more tangible awareness of water usage as opposed to having no information on their consumption patterns. By getting regular updates that are sent right to the app, Dropcountr helps manage a water budget to reduce waste as well as identify any leaks that are not immediately seen. Given that education is one of the biggest barriers to sustainability and conservation of fresh water, the app is extremely beneficial in this regard by also suggesting ways to manage water consumption, making it one of the best sustainability app available.


A large issue with the growing number of electronics available is the inability to properly dispose of them once they have broken down or need to be replaced. This is a result of the chemicals that are found in circuit boards and batteries such as lead and mercury that can leach into the ground if they are thrown away improperly. In order to dispose of the electronics in such a way that does not harm the environment, iRecycle offers a list of how and where various items can be thrown away. For example, some categories include Electronics or Automobiles which discuss how different items should be thrown away and where they can be left. By listing over 350 items that are most damaging to the environment if they are not thrown away properly, the app is one that can significantly reduce the damage caused by the leeching of harmful chemicals. By also showing where the items can be disposed in conjunction to how they should be discarded, iRecycle is extremely important as the number of electronics that are thrown away each year increases.

Scoop – Meet Your New Commute

Car pollution is one of the leading forms of environmental damage that can be reduced using mobile apps. As a means to eliminate this source of harm, Scoop is one of the smartest apps available for carpooling in order to reduce the level of pollution emitted by cars. By minimizing the number of cars on the road, carbon dioxide, a massive contributor to the depleting ozone layer, is significantly diminished. Furthermore, users are able to save money on insurance and gas each year by driving less with the app as the cost of rides is shared among those in the carpool. As a highly flexible app, Scoop is able to accommodate both AM and PM schedules so that users can have carpool options during any time of the day. In order to show the users more tangible evidence of their contribution to the environment, the amount of money and trees planted as a result of using the app can be seen in the user’s profile, making it a recommended app for those who often commute far distances.

Scoop: Easy, Custom Carpooling Join the fight against traffic with Scoop, the modern solution to the age-old problem of carpooling. Flexibility comes first, with separate AM and PM trips, the ability to ride OR drive, and a smart matching algorithm that handles all the heavy lifting.

Too Good To Go

One of the most energy-consuming tasks that is done on a large scale is agriculture and farming. Farming takes a tremendous amount of energy, fresh water, and resources to accommodate the growing population and consumption patterns. Therefore food waste is an issue that needs to be reduced so that less environmental damage is done as a result of wasted resources. Too Good To Go is an app which lets users know which restaurants will be throwing away surpluses of food so that they don’t go to waste. Especially important for those who may not be getting enough, the app ensures that the effort that goes into agriculture and farming is not wasted, but instead, food that is about to be disposed of is consumed. Too Good To Go is highly effective as over 3,000 meals have avoided being wasted while a massive amount of pollution also reduced.

Too Good To Go UK

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Tree Story

A massive preventer of global warming are trees which is able to reduce the carbon dioxide in the air and produce more oxygen. However, deforestation is a growing issue that reduces the planets ability to reduce the carbon dioxide that is in the environment. To make the process of saving the planet more fun, Tree Story is a game which allows users to care for their virtual trees by raising them on their phone. While the game is fun to play, it also has an important role in reversing deforestation as for every virtual tree that is raised in the game, a real tree is planted in forests and urban areas. In planting real trees by simply playing the game, Tree Story lets anybody participate in helping the environment in an engaging way. Furthermore, no costs are associated with helping plant a tree so that few barriers exist in terms of monetary obligations. As an app that has the potential to significantly help in the reforestation effort, Tree Story is highly recommended for anybody who is passionate about saving the environment.

Given the growing issue of sustainability and climate change, the apps listed in this article are able to significantly improve consumption patterns to avoid further damage. From reduction in water usage to pollution management, the ability for everyone to begin contributing to the future of the planet should not be overlooked given the current effects that are taking place due to environmental changes.

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