Top iOS Apps for Learning A Musical Instrument

Aug 17, 2017

Learning a musical instrument can be a significantly rewarding experience in terms of heightened brain performance and entertainment. While many strive to learn a musical instrument, the costs associated with lessons and learning material can be a large barrier for starting. With the introduction of mobile apps however, several of the ongoing costs are eliminated so that many people can begin to learn. For those who are interested in learning an instrument of their choice, the apps listed in this article can provide a tremendous amount of value in terms of monetary and time benefits.

Simply Piano

Several traditional aspects of playing the piano can restrict many from starting such as the fee for a teacher, the cost of the piano itself, and having to practice where the piano is. To eliminate these barriers, Simply Piano allows users, both novices and professionals, to play wherever they are. Although the piano keys on the screen are smaller than what they would be on a typical piano, the sheet music is on the top half of the screen which progresses as the users play the corresponding keys. In having the sheet music move when the keys are played, Simply Piano breaks down many of the traditional restrictions that are associated with learning to include expensive lessons or the need to spend thousands of dollars on a piano. In the form of a mobile app, it further allows players to practice from anywhere instead of only where there is a physical piano, making it one of the best apps available on the App Store for those who wish to learn piano or improve their skills.

Simply Piano App Preview

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Coach Guitar

One of the most popular instruments to play is the guitar as a result of its lightweight and inexpensive nature. Although transitioning the entire guitar into a mobile interface is difficult, Coach Guitar has been able to do so in an intuitive way that makes it easy to begin learning. To make the learning process more fun, the sample songs that are meant to train the students consist of modern and classic songs that are familiar to many. In having these popular songs as the examples, learning becomes easier to grasp as the melodies and timings are familiar. Furthermore, each song has a variety of difficulty levels so that both those who are new as well as experts are able to follow along. A highly captivating aspect of Coach Guitar is that users are able to also tune the guitar according to their preferences in order to closer match the feel and sound of a physical guitar, making it one of the best mobile emulators.

Introducing CoachGuitar

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Leveraging the hardware that is integrated in the phones, Ocarina is a highly comprehensive flute emulator that requires users to use both their fingers and mouths to play. To practice, players need to blow into the microphone which is breath sensitive as well as place their fingers over the “holes” on the screen. As Ocarina offers one of the closest mobile versions of physical instruments, learning is extremely natural while thousands of songs are available for players to begin learning. For example, other users can generate covers of their favorite songs and then upload it so that others are able to practice along as well.  In doing so, learning not only becomes more entertaining, but also intuitive as with the Coach Guitar. Furthermore, the tilt of the phone can also be used to adjust the rate and depth of the sounds to further mimic a traditional flute and ultimately make it resemble a physical flute.

Smule | iPhone App: Ocarina [Zeldarian]

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Music Tutor

While it may be enticing to attempt to learn an instrument, it is extremely important to begin with a strong foundation. For this reason, learning how to read music is one of the first steps that every musician must take before they are able to begin with any instrument as the ability to sheet read is universal. To gamify the learning process, Music Tutor is an app which introduces various lessons and quizzes that are more engaging than traditional pen-and-paper tests. Furthermore, as an app, Music Tutor can be taken anywhere so that users have the option to learn when they have free time instead of having a stringent and fixed schedule.  The app is able to report the progress that is made by storing stats such as response and accuracy so that users can see how they are advancing in their lessons over time, making it highly essential for those who are interested in learning to play an instrument.


Deviating from physical instruments, a form of musical arts that is often overlooked when discussing instruments is singing. Although more intuitive than the other instruments that are available, the ability to sing can be significantly improved with the use of mobile apps. SingTrue helps users sing by using the microphone to listen to the pitch and tone and compares it to how it should actually sound. In providing feedback, users can significantly improve their ability to sing without having to spend a significant amount of money on lessons or a coach. Furthermore, users can track the progress that is made with the use of the exercises that are available. While many may think that the ability to sing is a direct result of inherent talent, the reality is that it is a skill that can be learned through various means, including the SingTrue app to improve.

Learn to Sing with new SingTrue iPhone app

SingTrue™ teaches you to sing easily, confidently and in perfect tune – even if you think you’re tone deaf! Worried that you have a bad voice? Get told you’re out of tune or off-key when you sing? Many people think they can’t sing because they don’t have talent or a gift.

To begin receiving the benefits of learning a musical instrument, the apps in this article are able to offer a tremendous amount of value in terms of reducing costs and increasing convenience. From guitar to piano lessons, mobile apps can enable nearly anyone from any skill level to practice wherever they are at no cost. Furthermore, many of these apps can provide real-time feedback to the players so that they are able to continually improve without the need for expensive instructors or lesson, making them highly recommended for those who wish to learn a musical instrument.

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