Top iOS Apps for Kids Ages 3-5

Sep 26, 2017

Given that Apple products are developed for the greatest degree of simplicity, nearly anybody can intuitively pick up and utilize an iPhone in a matter of minutes, including young kids. As the iPhone can be used by anybody, a large segment of the market is aimed at children which is why there are entire sections of the App Store dedicated for apps to be used by a younger audience. In this article, the best apps that are designed for kids are explored in-depth for a range of purposes from education to entertainment.

Nighty Night! – The bedtime story app for children

Bedtime stories are an integral part of any childhood that is the hallmark of being a child. With the educative and bonding experience that can be derived from bedtime stories, Nighty Night! is an app which presents high-quality animations that far surpasses the lack of interaction that is commonly associated with traditional books. With music and narration that goes along with the visuals, the need for someone to read the book to the child is effectively eliminated. The basis of the app is that several animals go to sleep which helps to put the reader in a sleepy mood. With 13 available animals, multiple seasons to choose from, and multiple languages, Nighty Night! integrates the benefits of traditional stories with the interactive nature of mobile apps, making it one of the best apps for children.

ABC Alphabet Phonics – Preschool Game for Kids

Learning the alphabet is one of the most important things to form a strong educational foundation. Instead of waiting to be taught it in schools, the introduction of mobile apps, and ABC Alphabet Phonics in particular, leverages the interactive nature of games to teach kids the basics. In the form of a game that introduces visuals, sounds, and various entertainment mechanisms to make the learning process more fun and engaging, it is especially entertaining when compared to traditional methods such as books and lectures. With the ability to customize the games and level of difficulty, the app is perfect for nearly all ages regardless of experience as hints, sounds, and number of items displayed in the multiple choice options are possible. With the integration of multimedia as forms of teaching, learning is made more fun while retention is simultaneously maximized, making one of the highest recommended apps for helping kids learn the alphabet.

PlayKids – Educational Cartoons and Games for Kids

With the immense power that the iPhone offers in terms of accessibility to a range of content, keeping kids safe from harmful material is a top priority for many parents. PlayKids is an app that provides filtered video content just for children. By offering only cartoons and games that are age appropriate, parents do not need to worry about exposure to harmful material. Furthermore, the content that is offered is not purely entertainment, but is primarily based on providing educational value so that the viewers are able to learn about the alphabet, colors, numbers, and shapes through various games and videos. Given the growing nature of interactive learning, PlayKids combines the value of videos and games to encourage a desire to learn. One of the best aspects of the app is that even without access to the internet, nearly all of the functions can still be used which means that kids are able to watch the videos and play the games no matter where they are.

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Handwriting Without Tears: Wet-Dry-Try for Capitals, Numbers & Lowercase

Learning how to write can be a frustrating experience that provides one of the most rewarding outcomes. Although there is a steep learning curve associated with this, especially if it is the first time learning, the use of mobile apps can significantly streamline progress. Handwriting Without Tears eliminates much of the frustration that is associated with learning to write by breaking each letter down into intuitive outlines that can be traced. The accuracy of the outlines are then ranked out of 3 stars so that users know which letters need to be improved on. By encompassing letters and numbers, a comprehensive guide for all of the characters are given in a single app. Furthermore, audio feedback as well as repeated use of the app can reinforce techniques on how to write that is difficult to replicate through traditional means of learning.

Endless Numbers

One of the most difficult concepts for children to learn is the notion of numbers and counting. As a subject that is extremely important to know, many parents have various techniques to teach children the basics of numbers and counting prior to starting school so that they have an advantage. A tool that is highly effective in teaching numbers to pre-school kids is Endless Numbers which features various games so that learning is more intuitive. For example, students are able to learn by placing numbers in an order like a puzzle or visually demonstrates the quantity of objects so that it is easier to understand. While the aspect of math can be difficult, especially for those younger than 5, a strong foundation can still be built with the app. With an emphasis on fun and interaction as opposed to stressful learning, Endless Numbers is one of the best tools that can accompany a lesson in numbers for those who have yet to start school.

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First Words Sampler

One of the most important things to learn for a child prior to starting school is effective verbal communication. Although speaking to new people can be a challenging experience, students who are familiar with speaking are better able to communicate with their peers and teachers. To help children learn how to pronounce a variety of words properly, First Words Sampler is a highly recommended app that combines both the words and the associated image so that the kids can better identify the words. Furthermore, the app introduces an auditory element so that the kids are able to listen to how the words are properly said. By combining audio and visual aspects to the app, First Words Sampler is a great tool that is highly engaging to children to get a head-start in terms of learning to speak.

As the core value of iPhones is its simplicity and ease of use, even children are able to utilize the device and its apps in a matter of hours. Given that a large portion of apps are dedicated to children, the ones listed in this article are able to provide a tremendous amount of value for kids in the realm of education and entertainment while simultaneously protecting against content that can be harmful, especially with the access that is made possible with such an intuitive device.

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