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Jun 23, 2017

Owning a car can be simultaneously stressful and highly convenient. When the car is functioning smoothly with no problems, it can be regarded as one of the best tools that are available whereas when things are going wrong with different aspects of the vehicle, it can be a large burden. To ensure that cars are always able serve drivers, the best apps for managing the health of the vehicle as well as the costs associated with driving are outlined in this article, from getting the best gas prices to avoiding traffic.


Gas expenses are usually one of the largest when owning a car. With this issue in mind, GasBuddy aims to reduce this expense by locating gas stations which are nearby as well as those that offer the cheapest price. In doing so, no matter where users of GasBuddy are, they can easily locate a nearby gas station instead of having to drive a longer distance and using up more gas to locate one. By finding the ones that are cheapest, significant savings can be achieved, especially if the app were used on a consistent basis. As gas prices continue to soar, the app is highly applicable to for anybody with a car to reduce operating costs. In order to keep the app up-to-date, GasBuddy allows its users to assist in the process of updating the app by submitting relevant information regarding nearby gas stations. For example, users are able to report new gas stations, those that are no longer working, and price changes as they occur. To save on gas prices and be able to locate the nearest gas stations at all times, GasBuddy is a must have app that can significantly benefit users in the long-run.

Gas Manager, fuel consumption & cost calculator for vehicles

For those who have multiple vehicles, it can be a hassle to accurately keep track of the expenses of each vehicle from gas consumption to mileage. With Gas Manager, a detailed dashboard for all of the gas expenses, fuel consumption, and distance that has been travelled is shown in detail for each vehicle. Although it may be tedious to enter the information for each vehicle for each time that it is used, the data that is compiled is extremely useful over the long term. Furthermore, the data entry process is made more streamlined as it takes only a few seconds to track fill-up details, keep track of the evolution of various parameters, gas consumption, process, and mileage per month. To further analyse the metrics that are tracked, the information that is recorded can be exported right from the Gas Manager app to an Excel file so that it can be manipulated and examined. When owning several vehicles, being able to track usage as well as health of the cars can prove to be extremely helpful in maintenance and cost reductions.

Waze – GPS Navigation, Maps & Real-time Traffic

As one of the largest communities for reporting traffic conditions, Waze is considered to be a must-have app for reducing commuting times for drivers around the world. By tracking drivers who are on the road in real time, the app is able to make recommendations for which routes are the quickest given the data of current conditions. Furthermore, to keep the app as updated as possible, more active users can add extra information about what is holding up traffic including police speed traps, locations of accidents, and road hazards. Given that Waze is updated in real-time, the information is highly relevant and is able to accommodate updates even when the trip has begun such as offering alternative routes. In order to save hundreds of hours on regular commutes, Waze is a highly recommended app that is essential to saving time and identifying the most efficient routes that are suggested in real time.

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Download Waze for free at Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road info to get the fastest routes!

AUTOsist – Car Maintenance, Gas, & Reminder Log

Taking regular care of a vehicle is the best way to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. Proper maintenance entail more than just regular tire rotational alignments and oil changes, but more complex checks which can be expensive if done at an auto repair shop. In order to save on these costs, AUTOsist is able to help remind users when their car needs to be serviced at optimal times to ensure that car owners are proactive in maintaining their vehicle instead of only taking action when something goes wrong. Beyond this, keeping records of the work that has been done to the car is important to value the vehicle accurately upon a sale as buyers typically want to know the condition throughout its life before purchasing it. To streamline this, AUTOsist keeps track of car maintenance records as well as other details so that they can be transferred to the buyer. Easy to operate and navigate, the app is highly recommended for maximizing the operational health and value of vehicles.

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AUTOsist – Managing your vehicle records just got easier. Download free for iOS and Android Apple App Store: Google Play Store: Learn more at

BlueDriver OBD2 Scan Tool

BlueDriver OBD2 Scan Tool is utilized by auto enthusiasts, professional mechanics, and day-to-day car owners who prefer to know more about how their cars are functioning as well as what to do when something goes wrong. For those who are less familiar with car related technical issues, the app is perfect for being able to identify exactly what is wrong as opposed to paying a significant amount to have it checked at a repair shop. By being able to see exactly what is malfunctioning in the vehicle, users of BlueDriver, whether professional mechanics to hobbyists, can easily utilize the database in order to find over 4.5 million solutions to various problems for different vehicles. Given that all vehicles eventually run into some technical issues no matter how well it is maintained, BlueDriver is essential to being proactive in identifying issues and solutions related to the functionality of the car.

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To ensure that users get the most out of their vehicles, the apps listed in this article are highly recommended to serve a variety of functions from avoiding traffic to servicing vehicles. Applicable to both automotive professionals and novices, these tools are designed to be simple to use as well as intuitive for the wide spectrum of drivers.

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