Top International Development Apps For Humanitarians

Aug 17, 2010

I know there are numerous (and great!) “social good”, volunteering, and non-profit apps to choose from in iTunes. However, given my specific interest in international development, I wanted to find iPhone apps directly related to this niche. After a lengthy search, I was surprised to discover that international development & humanitarian-focused apps are a bit of a challenge to find. Here are a few apps I did find related to international development. Hopefully we will see more apps for humanitarians and international development professionals and enthusiasts in the future. Which apps for humanitarians am I missing? Ping me on Appolicious and I’ll add your recommendation to this list. 🙂

United Nations News Reader

United Nations (UN) News Reader grabs the top stories from the UN and delivers them to your iPhone. Keep up with the latest UN news all in one place.


United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN)

This app contains the complete text of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. It includes all thirty articles as envisaged by the creators who formulated the Declaration forging standards and principles – the inherent right of all mankind.


Give Work

Developed by Samasource and CrowdFlower, this app enables people to support international development by doing simple and easy micro-tasks on your iPhone when you have a few moments of spare time.


WDI DataFinder

The World Bank recently launched an awesome new open data initiative that opens its database to anyone with an internet connection. This app was recently launched and there are some bugs that need to be fixed so for the moment this app does not work properly. However – it is on this list as a “must watch” app because once fixed it will enable people to access important data via their iPhone. The goal of the open data initiative is to provide data so anyone in the world can use the data to help solve global challenges. Our friends at the World Bank have let us know they are working on the fix as we speak. Stay tuned – we will update this note as soon as the app is fixed.

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I could not find an English version of this iCARE app. However if you read German, the iCARE app – created by German developers – provides the latest news about’s current humanitarian projects and events.


ICRC: International Committee of the Red Cross

This app provides the latest news about the International Committee of the Red Cross’ activities around the world plus a selection of photos, videos and publications on current humanitarian concerns. International Committee of the Red Cross: an independent, neutral organization ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of war and armed violence.


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