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Aug 5, 2017

As technology develops and continues to encompass an increasing presence in everyday life, the home is one of the places where its integration has become most evident. With tools ranging from security cameras to others that can remotely activate electrical appliances, the ever-growing assimilation between buildings and technology can be taken advantage of to create the ultimate modern home. This article discusses the best and most advanced technologies that can be accessible by mobile app so its users are in complete control of their home no matter where they are.


Premium home security was once reserved for the wealthy who could afford expensive monitoring equipment and the technical resources to implement. With the introduction of cheaper and more consumer-friendly technology such as the Nest Cam, users can purchase a wireless camera that is inexpensive and easy to uninstall. With this, nearly any home can afford the camera which comes with a toolbox of features to include motion detection, notifications, two-way communications, and live streaming directly to the mobile phone. With the Nest Cam, no matter where users are, they can ensure that their house and property is protected at all times without the need for expensive equipment or dedicated televisions. As the camera is designed for just streaming video in real time, users can also subscribe to an additional service that allows for recording of the video which is stored on the Cloud. With a recorded video, the footage can be played back, fast forwarded, or saved for later which opens a new dimension of features that are typical of expensive surveillance equipment. One of the most captivating features of the Nest Cam is that the area that activates motion detection can be set by the user instead of activating every time there is a movement anywhere in view, making it one of the best security cameras that can connect to a mobile app.

Meet Nest Cam Outdoor

The new Nest Cam Outdoor helps you look after home – 24/7, rain or shine. With full 1080p HD video streaming, advanced Night Vision, more intelligent alerts powered by Nest Aware, one app for all your Nest products, and a unique magnetic mount, Nest Cam Outdoor helps you keep an eye on what matters.

Temperature Control

Another piece of hardware which is developed by Nest, Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the smartest that are available on the market. From its ability to optimize temperature while conserving energy based on user presence to learning when a user is around to optimize temperature and conserve energy to being able to change on demand right from a mobile device, the thermostat is easy to install and is highly dynamic in its functions. For example schedules can be set to various temperatures at various times so that changes are done automatically. For automation purposes, Nest has installed a scheduling feature to allow its users to set various temperatures at any given time and day for automatic adjustments. With highly accurate sensors, the Nest Learning Thermostat is able to accommodate for visibility by adjusting the brightness of the display based on the distance of the thermostat and the user. With a highly dynamic and dominating thermostat in the market today, Nest Learning Thermostat offers a superior personalized experience that no other competitors are able to replicate.

Meet the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat

Meet the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat. It has a bigger, sharper screen. And it’s even better at learning what you like.


One of the lesser-known integrations of technology has been in the light bulbs which enable it to be controlled and adjusted straight from the mobile device. A perfect example of this application is in the Smart Bluetooth LED Light Bulb which can change colors, brightness, and be turned off with a few taps. Extremely easy to set up, all that a user has to do is download the Magic LED Light app from either the Google Play or App Store, install the light bulb, and then scan the QR code that is made unique for each bulb. Upon turning Bluetooth on, users are then given full control of all of their light bulbs right from the app for a great degree of customization. For example, with multiple lightbulbs installed, users can adjust either all of them at once or each one individually, giving users complete control over the brightness and tone of their room, making it one of the best alternatives to traditional lightbulbs while being accessible from an app.

Smart LED Light Bulbs 💡 Bluetooth

Smart Bluetooth LED Light Bulb: Smart Phone Controlled – Dimmable 16 Million Colors Changing – E26 – 7.5W (60 Watt Equivalent) – Work with iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Android Phone and Tablet.

Home Assistants

One of the greatest recent innovations has been the ability to leverage technology to make life easier. This is especially evident in the development of home assistants such as Google Home which can simplify and execute basic tasks for its users. By connecting it to a mobile device, users can ask Google Home to perform a series of tasks such as scheduling events, asking questions, and control other smart appliances which are connected. With a sleek design that is minimalistic in nature, all that users have to do to active the device is to say “OK Google” at which point it will listen to the command. When users connect their mobile device to Google Home, music can be played through the built-in speaker as well as notifications and reminders so users can stay updated.

Carpool | Google Home now supports multiple users

Google Home is powered by the Google Assistant. Starting today, Google Home supports multiple users. Now the Assistant can distinguish your voice from others, so you can get a more personalized experience at home.


For controlling electrical flow to various outlets around a home while on-the-go, various plugs can be purchased for turning on or off appliances. With the Orvibo Smart Wifi Power Outlet, users can name each plug and then control it from their mobile device even when they are not at home. This is highly applicable in situations where a user may forget to turn off a light or appliance in which case they can simply switch off the plug so that no power gets to the appliance. Furthermore, if a user wants something warmed up by the time they are home, the Orvibo Smart Wifi Power Outlet can be turned on remotely. With control of nearly every appliance in the house accessible via app through the power outlet, the Orvibo Smart Wifi Power Outlet is one of the best tools for managing appliances while not at home.

PrimeCables S25US

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With the introduction of IoT to consumer devices, the integration of home-based appliances which are accessible by mobile app makes the management of the modern home intuitive. Without the need for expensive equipment or a strong technical background to set up the various devices, the tools that are listed in this article are able to enhance the quality of life by provide a great deal of utility ranging from security to monitoring home temperatures all from the mobile phone.

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