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Nov 18, 2016

I am a kind of philosophic person. I am always looking for The Answer for a plenty of questions. Despite of not regarding myself a member of any historic religions, I think it is very important to respect and get to know each other.
Chew on this, or if you prefer, pray upon it: In the 1450s, Gutenberg’s Bible birthed the printing press and mass media as we know it (the “press,” get it?). But even in his wildest revelations, Johannes Gutenberg couldn’t have dreamt of a device that can pull bibles out of thin air—make that more than a dozen English versions and almost two dozen translations—in the time it takes to read this paragraph. The best ones are listed below.

The Holy Bible – Your Version

When I first searched for a Bible app which is not simply an e-book in a questionably usable format, I found this app. I must admit, I totally respect the huge effort which was invested in this application because what you get here is truly amazing. Released in July 2008 by, the Bible app has brought a community of people together to interact with each other and discuss scripture. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible application displays the entire Bible in 40 different translations and 22 different languages. Offline use is active for 28 of the translations.

With the help of this application, I was able to choose from many different translations even to my mother tongue. I speak the language of a little, East-European country, which has a very wild religious history when it comes to Christian church. And still, there is a plenty of different texts in this app, so I always can find the one which is the closest to my heart.

Of course, the app utilizes the advantages of being a digital app very cleverly. It makes it easy to browse verses very quickly, either by keywords or emotions. It is also possible to change the font size and there are even audio versions of the text, which is an extremely cool feature when you have an old granny in the family who is willing to use your iPad.

The coolest part of the app is the “contribs” link in the navigation bar, which is a space for users to read other people’s comments on any Bible verse. By registering with – the site that created the Bible app – users can contribute their own personal thoughts and post videos. Unfortunately, readers have to be signed onto in order to make any comments.

At the bottom of the screen, a “daily reading” link is designed to guide a reader through the entire Bible over the course of one year. That reading plan, developed more than 100 years ago by Christian theologian Robert Roberts, consists of three daily passages taken from different books. Although the readings are a great way to get your daily dose of scripture, users cannot customize their plans.

With the ability to highlight and bookmark passages or email favorites, the Bible app is a quick and easy way to access scripture in its entirety.

Logos Bible – A deep study guide

Logos is something that I found when I was searching for research tools on the internet. I found it not as a Bible app directly, but as an example of a complex study system. Logos is tool which is mostly used by pastors doing their sermon preparations, since it is a very handy tool when one wants to find the word-deep meaning of certain verses.

The application works very similar to an average ebook reader, but it focuses on the use of the Bible. It is possible to search to certain verses. When yours is found, it is possible to choose it and search for it in all the books on your virtual bookshelves.

This application is very cool, but most of the “normal users” do not need its brilliant features. However, I do recommend to download it, if you are willing to spend your time in deep research of the holy text. And again, the system and the method are worth to have a look at.

Bible+ – A great app from Olive Tree

I would recommend Bible+ for those who study the Bible regularly but do not require such an in-depth analysis which is possible to make in Logos. This was the very first Bible application I had on my MAC, I downloaded the native version of it when I did some religious studies at school – my main idea was to make notes from the Bible without destroying a printed copy. And Bible+ is very good for this purpose.

This application also have a plenty of different translation to choose from, for completely free. It is also easy to read – there are a plenty of font options, so it also passed my “granny test”. What surprised me that when I downloaded it to my iPad, it started syncing with my MAC and I could browse all my comments and see all my notes from the desktop version.

I think it is typically an app for students, regardless of the purpose of their studies. It is a strong, reliable and easy to use software – plenty of copies of the large Bible in one simple device.

Daily Bible Inspiration – A sweet reminder by Joyverse

I am not really keen on these “quote of the day” applications at all, but this one is quite a good one of them. The verses of this app are selected by an ordained pastor and it is made sure that they are powerful and allow you to think over what is you place in the universe  – even though you might not be a baptised person at all.

I really like that it is possible to set the time when I would like to get the message – it is possible to fit into the daily routine and it is sure that I won’t get it in the middle of my daily commute where I am totally unable to study it. It is a small, regularly updated app, so if you want a bit of philosophy, you can get this easily.

Faithlife Study Bible – Are you ready for a one-year experience?

I am very keen on reading, but I must admit, I find it very difficult to pay attention to the text for a long time, despite of the best available translations. To make my reading a bit more motivated, I decided to download Faithlife Study Bible because it has a built-in reading plan for 365 days.

I recommend this app for anyone with the purpose of reading the Bible fully. This app dedicates you a digestible amount of text every day, and it does not require a strong internet access to use. It works perfectly all right on every type of screens, therefore it is very likely that you will have the chance to read you text during you day.

It also has good features for those who like taking notes during reading. It syncs between the devices very firmly, and of course, it is possible to make comments on what you have read. It is a handy and easy to use app, but, unfortunately, it has only a few translations available, unfortunately only in English, which is a bit confusing when you are not a native speaker (I must mention, that there is a good and holistic Bible dictionary in the app – but I am not educated to read the Bible this way, due to the traditions in my country).

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