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Jul 28, 2017

The advent of internet technology has impacted nearly every aspect of life and has gained a significant amount of momentum, especially in the last few decades. In the realm of mobile apps, there have many developed to benefit students in studying, time management, and completing homework. As the school term begins for many students around the world, this article discusses the best apps available for helping them improve their academic experience.

myHomework Student Planner

For helping students get organized, myHomework Student Planner is an essential, easy-to-use planning app that is able to replace heavy, physical planners in a more convenient way. To keep track of classes, tests, assignments, and homework, the app works as an alarm clock which is always diligent in ensuring that all tasks related to school are done in a timely manner. With its modern design that resembles the simplicity of traditional planners, the integration of a digital presence makes it convenient to use in ways that physical planners are not able to. For example, notifications, an interface that is both appealing and allows for quick access to various dates, weeks, and months, as well as the integration of the tool on various platforms make it an app that is highly recommended. From phones, tablets, to even the web, myHomework Student Planner is the perfect alternative for paper and pen that is able to save students a significant amount of time as well as give them constant access to the organizational tool no matter where they are.

App of the Week: myHomework

myHomework is a free education app that lets the user add homework assignments to a “to do” list and set reminders and priorities. Users can sign up for a premium account at for just $1.99. Download for iOs: Download for Android:

Khan Academy: you can learn anything

As one of the most popular online resources for learning nearly any topic, Khan Academy is a world-recognized source of academic content for any grade level. With the intention of helping students excel in a wide range of topics from business to science, the app is completely free and easy to use. Although the material that is taught in classrooms can be confusing, Khan Academy offers videos that students can watch and rewatch at their own pace for the greatest degree of comprehension. Furthermore, there is a vast range of resources available beyond videos to include practice worksheets and simple explanations which are available for feedback and reinforced learning. With so much content, the navigation and search option make it easy to find the subject of interest and then bookmark it for quick access at a later time. With one of the best features of Khan Academy, the ability to save videos offline, learning can be taken anywhere, especially with a mobile app which makes it one of the best sources of learning on-demand.


For students on a budget, textbooks are one of the most expensive costs that is extremely burdening. With the FreeTextbooks app, students are able to save a lot of money on textbooks through its ever growing student network. With the help of the FreeTextbooks, users are able to get their first textbook 20% off when it is ordered from the app. As an alternative to brand new textbooks that are sold at the school store which are very pricey, buying a textbook from other students can significantly reduce the costs. With the ability to purchase textbooks through the app as well as the option to get same-day delivery, the app is one that offers the greatest degree of convenience for students. One of the most intriguing aspects of the app is that users can also order food such as pizza and taco and have it delivered straight to their door, a feature that is highly catered to the student demographic. In order to avoid the traditional costs of textbooks as well as get delivery on various foods, FreeTextbooks is a great tool designed to ease the lives of students.

Tide: Focus Timer to Study, Work & Relax

With so many different subjects that students have to learn each year, being able to focus on a single specific task can be difficult, especially with all of the distractions that are around. In order to eliminate some of the distractions that may hinder the ability to study effectively, Tide is an app that brings 45 minutes of productivity increasing sounds in order to heighten concentration and ultimately improve study efficiency.  Through the sounds that are played from Tide, background noise can be overcome so that users are able to focus on their work. Furthermore, with the ability to analyze historical focus patterns, users can improve their studying habits over a long period of time. With a minimal design that utilizes elements of nature, Tide is a highly recommended app for those who are looking to increase their studying potential by removing surrounding distractions.

Study Break – Stay Focused, Beat Procrastination

Procrastination and distractions are one of the biggest issues that students face in terms of getting their work done. To overcome the efficiency challenge, Study Break has been designed to help students focus on tasks and reduce distractions. As students like to often take breaks by checking their phones, the app allows its users to choose the ratio of time that they want to set between actual usage of the phone and amount of study time to accommodate this. With this, the app will notify the user when it is time for a break and when to resume studying. As a balance between studying and distractions, the analysis that is done on the app is able to provide a tremendous amount of feedback so that users get a better understanding of their habits and be able to improve them over time. To get comprehensive insights about study habits as well as sustainably manage distractions, Study Break is a must have app for students in order to complete more tasks efficiently.

As most students return to school within the next few weeks, the apps listed in this article are highly applicable for those in academia ranging from high school to university. From getting more out of their studying time to purchasing textbooks, there is a wide range of tools that are offered to make student life much easier.

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