Top Apps That Allow You to Work From Anywhere

Dec 23, 2011

I’m a recovering corporate employee who has found the decision to work independently from home (or where ever!) is lucrative and more aligned with how I choose to prioritize what is important in my life. Sharing the ideas and apps that made this endeavor successful and exponentially increased my quality of life makes me smile!

TSheets Time Tracker with GPS

Trends are showing that working a 9-5 workday in the office is going to become a thing of the past. This web-based, cloud computing mobile solution to tracking and managing your time can be done from home, on the road, or at the office. It reduces the headaches and inaccuracy of punch clock reporting and allows for real time and collaborative time tracking to increase productivity from your employees and your bottom line.



Linking your billable hours automatically to generate invoices reduces those common errors and saves a tremendous amount of time. Integrate your TSheets Time Tracker with FreshBooks to effortlessly track your time and automatically generate invoices.



When you don’t want to juggle all those disks and flash drives, this app allows you to access all of your files from where ever you are.



Let’s face it – if you aren’t bound to the office chair chances are you will end up travelling to some pretty cool places. Using fun apps, like Instagram, to keep connected with clients and fellow employees on a more engaging level will make your clients smile and your job more fun!


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