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Dec 25, 2017

While we have explored the notion of apps for photographers in the past, an aspect of photography that is often overlooked is the management of photos as they are often forgotten after the shot has been taken. As photographs hold a high degree of sentimental value, they can easily accumulate both in terms of physical photographs and digital ones that are rarely looked at. Given the increase in photo popularity as a result of mobile cameras, this article discusses the best apps that can be used to manage photographs in the both physical and digital space.

PhotoScan by Google Photos (iOS/Android)

As many families typically hold a few hundred physical photographs that are rarely looked at yet hold a significant amount of value, they are not the most efficient form of memory given their limiting nature. Firstly, they are difficult to reproduce as they either have to photocopied which can take several hours if there are a large number of photographs. Furthermore, attempting to capture the image of the photo with the phone camera as a way to store it digitally results in suboptimal copies. Given these limitations, an app that can increase the efficiency of replicating the images as well as ensuring the highest quality is PhotoScan which only requires the user to take a picture of each corner of the photo to create a digital version. In taking 4 photos of the image through the app, glare and imperfections are removed so that the copied image is identical to the original physical photograph. The process is made extremely efficient when compared to traditional photocopying methods as users simply take a few photos per image. As a tool that can ease the transition of physical photographs to digital ones while still retaining the original quality, PhotoScan is a highly recommended app to manage physical images.

FreePrints – Photos Delivered (iOS/Android)

Opposite to PhotoScan which aims to convert physical images into a digital version, FreePrints is an app that brings the photos that are stored on a mobile phone into physical copies. As the digital images are often overlooked given the hundreds that are in the gallery, the app lets users choose which photographs they want to print out at which point they will be printed and delivered. For those who prefer to have physical photos, FreePrints makes the printing process seamless and extremely convenient as users simply need to choose the photos that they want to have printed and then wait for the delivery. Furthermore, the selection of photos is not just for the standard 4×6, but can also be enlarged for various purposes with a click of a button. With high quality prints at inexpensive rates, FreePrints brings back the traditional look and feel of photographs in a way that is often overlooked when viewing in the gallery apps.

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Slidebox – Photo Organizer (iOS/Android)

As photos are typically accumulated on the phone and rarely looked at which can take up a significant amount of storage space, Slidebox is an app that makes managing photos intuitive and interesting. Using mechanics from Tinder where images are presented as a deck that users can swipe left or right to keep or delete, users of the app can get through hundreds of pictures in a matter of minutes. Instead of having to select each individual picture from the gallery, the swiping interface of Slidebox makes it extremely efficient to declutter the gallery and open up free space on the phone. Beyond being able to quickly decide which images to keep and which ones to delete, other photo management features that are possible with the app include being able to compare images side-by-side so that there are fewer duplicate images that take up storage space. As a way to organize and manage photos using the intuitive mechanism that are inspired by Tinder, Slidebox is a great tool that can be used to determine which photos should be kept and which ones should be discarded.

Siftr Magic Cleaner (iOS/Android)

Similar to Slidebox in that the app aims to eliminate photos that are not often looked at, Siftr Magic Cleaner utilizes artificial intelligence to determine which photos can be deleted and which ones are important to the user to streamline the photo management process. By automatically presenting the photos which are not look at often, users can either delete all of the selected images at once or choose to exclude certain images from the list. With this, Siftr Magic Cleaner helps users clear the unnecessary photos from their phone in seconds with minimal manual interactions. Leveraging a highly intelligent system to declutter junk photos, managing the photos in a gallery can be done in seconds instead of having to spend hours deciding which images are worth keeping and which ones are considered to be redundent. As a tool that intuitively presents photos which are deemed to be unimportant, Siftr Magic Cleaner a must-have app for photo management.

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While many of the photography apps that are currently available have an emphasis on the process of taking a picture, the apps listed in this article are designed for managing the photos after they have been taken. From those that are able to convert images to either physical or digital versions to others that are designed to help organize the photo galleries, the apps listed in this article should be used in order to better organize and manage the storage of highly valuable images.

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