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Dec 11, 2016

With the growing number of resources available for seamless downloading and syncing of music, a vast range of apps are made accessible to users who are looking for inexpensive music tools. Through these apps, downloading music for the iPhone is both inexpensive and quicker than traditional means, all while being locally done on the device. In this article, we explore the best apps on the App Store for downloading music straight onto the device beyond the basic functionalities of the stock app.


Spotify is considered to be one of the most popular music applications in the world. With a simple interface, users can quickly listen to music on demand with the ability to search, browse, and discover new music. One of the most sought after features, Discovery, allows its users to browse for music based on their current mood from joy to energetic. As the app requires an account, music stored on one device can be accessed from any other device with Spotify and the login credentials. With a premium subscription, users are able to download music tracks to their iPhones directly for access even when offline. Furthermore, users are able to share their playlists so that others who are interested are able to access the songs and listen to the music of others, bringing a new social aspect to the music space.


Similarly to Spotify, Tidal offers a range of music services to its users. For a complete experience, Tidal extends beyond just audio to encompass music videos, recommendations, and even stories. The stories provide music articles, features, and interviews with various artists so that those who are interested in the artist behind the music are able to have a more in-depth experience. Furthermore, offline mode and favorites can be accessed so that users can quickly listen to their songs with extreme ease. While the prices vary for every country, the monthly premium prices are high compared to other alternative apps for obtaining music, although the additional services may entice those looking for an in-depth music experience to make the purchase.

Google Play Music

Available for both Apple and Android users, the Google Play Music app offers both free and paid services. Free services are limited to strictly streaming music while those who choose to pay for a premium subscription at $1.99 USD will be able to save songs directly to their iPhones without a need for internet connection. Furthermore, radio and recommendation features are also available for free while the subscription features include no ads, YouTube Red membership, and family plans for up to 6 members who are able to get a discounted price. Similar to Spotify, an account is required which helps to store music across devices and even desktop with the use of credentials, reducing friction for users who want to sync music files between several devices.


Although relatively new, Deezer is to differentiate itself from competing music apps through a highly personalized music experience. By recognizing unique music taste, the app curates the music experience on a user-by-user basis which is done with several functionalities. One such feature, Flow, learns music preferences of the individual and then introduces new ones based on prior playlist history. By learning the personal taste of each listener, this feature is able to suggest songs which the listener is most likely to enjoy. Other features include on-screen lyrics and radio which other apps are also able to provide. With the Deezer Premium+ at $6/month, music can be downloaded for offline listening along with other features to include ad free and unlimited streaming. While pricey, the premium services can be tried for free for an entire month before users must decide on whether or not the service is worth paying for.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is the music streaming service that is offered by Amazon which offers one of the most extensive music libraries available. With tens of millions of songs and updated weekly releases, users of the Amazon Music app constantly have the updated music available prior to other competitors. With the Amazon music Unlimited membership users can download their albums, songs, or playlists for offline listening. While the app offers comprehensive services, it is quite large compared to other apps at 94MB which can be straining for those with limited memory capacity.


When listening to a new song that s unfamiliar, it can be extremely difficult to remember certain lyrics to search for the song later. Shazam allows users to automatically detect the song with the app in seconds and then provides purchasing options, lyrics, and streaming once the song is recognized. By automatically detecting and providing information based on just hearing the song, the app is most applicable to those who strive to discover new music while on the go. Beyond recognizing songs, the Shazam app also recommends new music based on the previous detected music as well as the playlist history of the user. Furthermore, recommendations can be based on geographic location by town, country, or world.

With the large number of apps available for downloading music straight from the iPhone, users have many options to choose from depending on their specific needs and budgets. Whether to stream, store for offline listening, or discovering new songs, these features can be found in the apps listed in this article either for free or for a monthly subscription price that meets the needs of the listener.

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