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Sep 19, 2016

Gadgets mean excellent aid when it comes to fulfill the needs of people living with autism. A phone has endless patience, its interpersonal and permanent enough to be reliable for those with challenged social skills and provides a lot of fun in a safe environment. Here are some great apps to make life a bit smoother.

iModeling- Learn like a Superstar!

iModeling makes you the superstar of learning. This app enables the user to record a video, add a title and form it into a powerful tutorial, which can be utilized in any settings from school to the household. iModelling is especially helpful for those people who like to be filmed or like to seem themselves in a film. Moreover, to make it even more interesting to use, there are different reward images to be added to the video – giving a positive confirmation to the person who watched the video.

In addition to its nice therapeutic features, iModeling is a well built autism app. It is extremely easy to use – you can add any subtitles and titles in a blink of time, for example. There application is able to support different child profiles, so you can assign the videos to different kids in order to have them quickly in hand in case help is needed.

The-NO-App – An easy idea to end harassment

The-No-App seems to be very basic at the first sight. It functions as an alarm button on the phone. When it is touched, the application plays a “NO!!!” video message to the viewer, the possible harasser or “prep”. This is a very good feature for non-verbal people, but the app is capable of even more.

While playing the video, the application is able to record the viewer with the front camera, so the harasser can be found easily. The app is capable of alerting certain people (Mom or the authorities) via SMS – so that they can make an intervention.

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ABA Timer – a complex app for the most difficult tasks

ABA Timer is an application developed with the contribution of therapists and other professionals to keep it autism-friendly and effective in treatment. It combines timing and visualizations, and helps student to get used-to time-driven tasks, such as waiting, performing under time pressure or having to focus on activities for long.

ABA Timer has three functions. One of them makes the students to wait patiently for a preferred task or item. Secondly, it helps when the student has to focus on one activity for a longer time. Thirdly, it can be used a stop-watch when the student has to work fast and under time pressure.

The application has a lot of autism-specific features. It includes a wide variety of visualizing the passage of time, but teaches the student to read a digital timer too. Moreover, task photos can be given to each sessions – so the student can copy the position which they have to maintain, or see what they are going to do in the next few minutes.

This application is an excellent tool for those who live an active life with ASD and look for a handy tool to resolve everyday problems, such as having to wait at the doctor’s or having to makeatest for the pre-school.

Good piece of news to every parents: the palette of good autism apps is getting wider and wider. More and more professionals, therapists and psychologist unite in order to utilize modern technology in treatment and recreation. Therefore, a plenty of certified, great apps are waiting to you – do not hesitate to find the best for your needs.

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Proloquo2Go – Symbol-based AAC

Using photographs this app allows users to select pictures and assign a word to them which the iPad will speak for them. No longer do kids have to learn words with cartoon objects, they can learn using the things actually around them.


Stories2Learn is a tool for teaching different life skills. It can be used to teach a kid how to eat like a gentleman. We all learn better with stories as it helps us relate and remember and this great app aids in learning for everyone with just this simple idea.

Draw Free for iPad

This app allows to draw, something one can’t do on a paper if (s)he can’t use a pen or pencil very well. Most autistic children have issues grasping small objects so being able to draw with your finger on the iPad changes the game enough that artistic expression can come through.

First Then Visual Schedule

First Then Visual Schedule basically shows a visual representation of a schedule including dragging, animation and sounds. This helps to know when to expect dinner and helps calm some of the anxiety experienced by autistic children regarding what happens next.

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