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May 12, 2011

As an Assistive Technology Specialist, I am continuously searching for apps to meet student needs. I have found these apps to be some of my favorites.


I love the ease of customization and navigation for staff to use, and for students to access. This app is great for the most challenged student. I use iCommunicate to create learning boards, incidental communication, and general communication. I like using icommunicate for actual pictures as opposed to symbols.


Proloquo2Go – Symbol-based AAC

Though I wish it cost less, the amount of boards that are on there are mind-boggling. It’s literally a ready to go AAC device. I would love to see ease of use with those that are more technophobic in regard to programming and editing the app. However, the app works really well for students who favor symbollic pictures over photos-although the ability to load photos is on here.


Answers:YesNo HD

Fabulous app for creating choice boards for “first/then”. Though it doesn’t have pictures, the colors and auditory feedback resonate well for even the most significantly challenged student.



You cannot go wrong with a free app. This app is great for students that can read but need a voice. I wish this was around when my friend who had ALS was alive.


TouchChat HD – AAC

This app is great for students that need a robust communication system that will grow with them.


Assistive Express

For students that can read, and need voice output, this is a great app. Easy to use, large print, large keyboard, easy navigation, ability to store key phrases – this is a life changer.

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GoTalk Now

How cool is it to be able to e-mail a pdf of the communication book that’s created? GOTalk Now has layers upon layers of customizations and the ability to grow with a user.


Grace – Picture Exchange for Non-Verbal People

This app is great for non-verbal students who do not require the auditory feedback found in some apps. This is a great app to transition a traditional PECS user to a mobile device.


My First AAC by Injini

Great app for first time AAC Users. Easy to use, customize and more.


So Much 2 Say – Picture Communication

A perfect first app for receptive vocabulary, easy communication opportunities can be created.


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