Top 5 Sports Platform Games!!

Jan 14, 2010
Collections is all about iPhone apps….I spend lots of times with platform games and also playing on iPhone….Sports games have made some good transitions and here are the best ones in the app store!!


From great graphics, to easy controls, to great overall gameplay….has to be at the top of the list!! Try it for yourself


Real Soccer 2010

Not exactly a platform game, but its the best Soccer game in the appstore…..easy game play and smooth controls….a good updated from their 2009 version which got me through many of boring accounting classes lol



Not the best graphics but the controls and gameplay make up for it…..controls give you excellent control over players and make the replay value high…new update just made AI tougher and added special playoff mode to play!


Need for Speed Shift

Great racing game….not a huge fan of racing games on iPhone but this one does great….Shift is an amazin platform game and EA Mobile has made a pretty good mobile game from it!


NBA Live by EA Sports

Couldnt decide where on this list I wanted this one but it had to on it….NBA controls are always tricky but EA does a good job in trying to make them as easy as possible……could use a little work in gameplay area but overall I believe its a must download and try…(also a free version to check out)


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