Top 5 Must-Have iPhone Apps for the Hipster Tech Elite (warning: addictive)

Oct 25, 2011

Can’t quit these apps. If you are a true hipster nerd, these are the iPhone apps you are obsessed with.


The best and worst of everything. “We Were Promised Jetpacks is The Best Band Name of the Past 10 Years” has 7 amens and counting, while “A Lego Castle is The Worst Thing To Step On In The Middle of the Night” has 83 amens. Semantic data + insider geek humor! @aplusk, @chrismessina, @missrogue, SoundCloud employees are on this.



Let others play Paper Toss while waiting in line – you browse erudite answers from Silicon Valley cognoscenti on topics like “Why is Siri important?” and “Why did China have a better transition away from a communist economy than Russia?”



Maybe not as hip as before now that presidential candidates are Tumbling (, but has been a mainstay microblogging outlet for creatives who post quotes, photos, video, audio, and text.



Pinboards, creativity enhancers for designer types, now go digital. Organize and share images of things you love, from amazing package design to retro toys.

 Download ~ play music together

Coding Soundtrack and Indie While You Work have become staple background soundtracks for many a remote digital worker. In between coding, you can take your turn DJ’ing.


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