Top 5 Music Rhythm Games for the iPad

Dec 8, 2011

I love my Ipad 2. I never knew how much of a fun gaming device it would turn out to be for me though. I have become especially fond of Music Rhythm Games. Here are my top 5 favorite music rhythm games for the iPad that I love to play. #topapps2011

Skillz for iPad

Skillz for Ipad happens to be one of my favorite music rhythm games. It is very much like DJHero2 that I love so much on my Xbox360. But I can take Skillz with me anywhere! It has a great track selection from well known hip hop and electronic artists that have all been remixed to work perfectly with the turntable scratchings, fading, and one-shot sfx. The timing is perfect for the note detection, there is directional scratching, Game Center achievements, and more. It is just a great portable resonably priced DJhero2-like experience. I totally recommend this for the iPad.


Michael Jackson The Experience HD

This is one of my newest favorite music rhythm games. This one is a cross between a music rhythm game and a dance game. The visuals are beautiful which are 3d animated music videos true to the original Michael Jackson music videos. It comes with 6 tracks and additional tracks to download. Each track has it’s own music video which makes each one so original and fun to play. You make direction swipes on the screen to make Michael dance to the track. It really is an “experience.” Game Center challenges keeps it interesting making you go back for more and to top your previous score. There is an easy setting for beginners, a normal skill settings, and and expert setting for rhythm game vets like myself. If you are a fan of music rhythm dance games or just love Michael Jackson, this one is a must have for the Ipad. Beautiful videos, perfect note timing, and of course, you get Michael Jackson’s classic hits. Now Jam on it! it is worth the price tag.



ROCK BAND Reloaded for iPad

If you are a fan of Guitar Hero or Rock Band you will enjoy this game. It is what it says. Rock Band for the Ipad. The game performs very well on the iPad and allows you to play a huge list of rock tracks you will recognize. What is so cool about the Rock Band series is that you can choose to play either guitar, bass, drums, or vocals. The vocals can be played by touch or by actually singing the lyrics that will go accross the screen. This is a lot of fun with all the different ways to play. They have several different orientation styles available to so you can play comfortable. Looks and sounds great on the iPad and is fairly priced.


Groove Coaster

Groove Coaster is truly an original ground breaking rhythm game for the ipad. It sends you streaming through a classic 8-bit 3d vector looking environment that requires you to hit and recognize notes from different camera angles as it takes you on a rollercoaster type ride through each track. There are plenty of tracks that were custom made by the developers that sound really great and keep you going. Once you start this game it is hard to put down. You can customize your cursor that goes through the track, there are powerups, and hidden notes. If you make it through each track at every difficulty level, it will leave you even wanting more because it really is such a fun game. Reasonably priced, there is no reason you shouldn’t have this as part of your music rhythm collection.

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Tap Tap Radiation

Tap Tap Radiation is part of the Tap Tap series that you know so well. However this one was redesigned for the Ipad and utilizes the iPad’s extra real estate in a resourceful valuable way. The notes come from all directions and the hit points are not stationary as they slowly float around the screen. This adds to the experience in making it slightly more challenging. it comes with 30+ free songs and is a lot of fun to play. Since this game is free, there is no reason not to give it a try. An easy and relatively good looking Tap Tap Ipad game you can pick up and put down at any time to get your rhythm on.


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