Top 5 Most-Listed Baseball Apps for iPhone by Appolicious Users

Sep 28, 2011

With MLB baseball playoffs happening, it’s time to make sure your phone is loaded with the best baseball apps. Here’s what Appolicious users use. At Bat 11

@fiskadoro says: “It’s always a happy day when the new MLB At Bat app arrives. As an MLB.TV subscriber, I’ve found the MLB At Bat apps to be worthy companions which should, hopefully, keep on improving. Watching live games on your iPhone? Total win.”


Yahoo! Sportacular Pro

@danetc says: “hen I’m looking for general scores and box scores, i go with Sportacular. It isn’t the prettiest score app, but it stays right on top of the results I want to know about.”


Boston Baseball App: News, Info, Pics, Videos

@randycafe says: “Kooky interface but lots of depth as far as stats and news.”


Pro Baseball Live

@dls312 says: “Its a similar version to At Bat, without the video and radio. It gives fans the chance to follow their teams through all the live stats, news, standing, and play by play action. It allows for an easy-to-access viewing format.”


Baseballisms : Baseball Quotes & Trivia

@allyouneediphone says: “Great quotes and trivia from baseball history…impress your friends or just catch up on your knowledge.”


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