Top 5 Language Learning Tools

Feb 2, 2010

The Person: Tim is a professional polisher of pixels and amateur linguist. He can say ‘coca-cola’ in 37 languages.

The List: A polyglot searches for the perfect set of tools for quick and easy language learning on the iPhone. I used to carry a mini-cassette recorder, a note pad and pen, a phrase book, picture book, and a map everywhere to learn the local languages and dialects. Now, we can fit all of these tools into our smart phones. Or can we…?

French Language Guide & Audio – World Nomads

Great free study guides. Good solid phrasebooks.


Byki French

Great set of specific language flash cards. Download your list and practice on the way there. Kinda pricey at 8 bucks. But, they’re good. Especially for hearing the pronunciation.


Byki Dutch

Another great paid app for the student-type. Has quizzes and flash cards. You can organize study lists and mark words as you go to focus on later.


Translator Ultimate

If you have a good internet connection, this tool is perfect when you need to know now. Does multiple languages at once. Cool. 42 tongues. Free!


Word Power – Quick and Easy Dictionary

Another excellent set of language learning tools. Great interface for comparing your own pronunciation with the recorded demos. At 10 dollars, this could be considered extravagant. You know what it is.


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