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Oct 18, 2010

Although it is still overlooked in favor of the Nintendo DS and PSP when it comes to portable games, the Apple iPhone has been building up a lot of momentum in the gaming industry as the mobile platform amasses an impressive growing library of titles.
From bite-size puzzle games to old-school arcade remakes and even epically long RPGs, we’ve watched the iPhone morph into a legitimate portable gaming system. With most prices ranging between $9.99 all the way down to a single dollar, there can be a tremendous amount of gaming value to be found on the iPhone.

Zen Bound™

Zen Bound is a funny game to try and pin down. It’s more relaxing than a yoga session, yet it also inspires hardcore, old-school arcade game-style determination as you try and topple your best scores. Labeling Zen Bound as a casual game would be doing this wholly unique and magical experience a major disservice. The concept is simple: You manipulate your iPhone to wind a rope around a carved wooden object. Yet the execution reaffirms every hope you ever had for playing top quality games on a mobile phone. The graphically amazing Zen Bound is a meditative experience that displays more creativity, art style and sound than most major budget titles. This is a game that needs to be on your iPhone, and for $4.99 there is no reason to not own this.



Every great console has an iconic figure, whether it’s Mario on Nintendo, Sonic on the Genesis or now Rolando on the iPhone. From the moment you first dive into this puzzle-based adventure game, it will be next to impossible to keep a smile from forming on your face. Everything about Rolando is finely tuned to equal gaming bliss. The animations ooze charm and the gameplay has that timeless hook of starting off simple, and then building into a challenge that actually feels difficult as opposed to being cheap. There is just so much to gush about when it comes to Rolando, as there is not a single weak moment in the entire package. The sequel, Rolando 2: The Quest For The Golden Orchid is available now, so it would be advisable to grab both titles in the series and start rolling and tilting your way through Rolandoland.

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Grand Theft Auto 3 Guide (Walkthrough)

If there was some preconceived notion that the iPhone was only good for playing mini games and crossword puzzles, think again. Originally a critical smash on the Nintendo DS, Rockstar has brought over Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars almost completely intact. The virtual controls and on-screen buttons may take some time to get the hang of, but the reward once you get past that learning curve is well worth the early struggle. This is a total Grand Theft Auto game, from the creative missions to the original narrative to the outstanding production value, and of course the shooting of pedestrians in the face. For $9.99, you get the same game that is retailing on other portable platforms for nearly three times as much, and with close to 20 hours’ worth of replayable action, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will make you a believer in serious gaming on the iPhone.


Super Pirate! Plunderer of World Treasures

Are you tired of do-good heros? Super Pirate, Plunderer of World Treasures is an extremely innovative game that set you to be the god of Fortune, but this time, you would rather use your power to help pirate ships finding treasures in the world and avoid encountering marine ships!


Peggle Classic

Be forewarned before you purchase Peggle for your iPhone, this pachinko-style puzzle game is highly addictive and has been known to make gamers fiend for a fix at all times of the day. PopCap’s sensation may have previously been a huge hit on the PC, but Peggle feels like it was always meant to be an iPhone game, and this is probably the best version. The touch-screen controls of the iPhone are a perfect match for the slide-and-shoot action of Peggle, and the quick game nature makes it ideal for mini play sessions on the go. In addition to online multiplayer mode, there are 100 unique levels to play through in Peggle, and each one presents a multitude of challenges and high scores to shoot for. If you have never experienced Peggle, get ready to say goodbye to all office productivity, and even if you have played it to death on another console, this is still a must-own App for your phone. Download it now, and book a stay at Peggle rehab later.

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