Top 5 iPhone Essential Apps of 2011

Dec 6, 2011

As the marketing manager for an app development company, my perspective on the essential elements of must-have apps is a little different. I try hundreds of apps a year and am constantly in search of better ways to manage both my professional and personal lives. I hope this list helps. Note: In the interest of full-disclosure, I work for VIPorbit Software. My proclivity to recommend this app has been duly affected. ;o) #topapps2011

VIPorbit Contact Manager

It manages my contacts and calendar, keeping me on-time and in-touch with the VIPs in my life.



It HAS to be said that aside from VIPorbit, Facebook is the app I go to first to stay up-to-date on the comings and goings of my friends and family. I share pictures, events, and read what’s going on in the lives of more people than I could possibly talk to in a given day.


Nike+ Running

It’s THE best running app around. Not only does it keep track of my total distance, including maps of my runs, the app includes inspiring messages from greats like Dirk Nowitzi and Lance Armstrong when I set new personal records! Hate to run without it now!


Red Stamp Cards

I love turning iPhone pictures into photo cards I can text, email, post, or even have them sent by mail! It creates the best, most-professional photo cards of all the apps I’ve tried. Everyone I’ve ever sent a Red Stamp photo card to just raves!!!



Go Out Be Active is such a fun, new way to create events, invite friends, and track rsvps. I love discovering what’s going on in my city and inviting friends to join me!


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