Top 5 iPad “Being Socialable” Apps of 2011

Dec 11, 2011

Recently re-discovered my Twitter account and found other types of social media which supplemented my current and newfound interests. I made this list not only to enter the contest but also to pass along a short list of the apps that have been fun and helpful to me.

GetGlue for iPad

My pick for the #1 new social media app! Besides being able to check-in and chat about various topics, shows, music, etc. there is the added bonus of collecting real stickers which are mailed to you. Win, win! Good stuff!



My pick for most improved. Finally! With the release of the iPad app for Facebook it was now easier to stay connected. Simple, clean and finally fun!


Foursquare – Find Places to Eat, Drink, and Visit

Fun and simple to use. As long as you can get into the habit of remembering to ‘check-in’ while you’re out and about, it’s great. Nice to earn virtual badges and perhaps become mayor, at least until someone else unseats you. The added bonus of freebies and special offers just adds to the overall fun.



A solid social media app, time will tell if the recent update will be an improvement or an unfortunately downside to “fix what wasn’t broken.”


Showtime Sync – Second Screen app for Showtime Original Series

If you’re a hardcore fan of a Showtime program, the idea of tuning in and using your iPad in ‘real time’ along with other viewers is a novel idea. Being able to not only chat, but also react via special choices to what’s happening on screen, is quite fun. I’m sure this type of social app will continue to become more popular.

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