Top 5 Games of 2009

Jan 14, 2010
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Flight Control

The line drawing game that started it all, this app is very simple but insanely addicting. Each level gets harder as you play and keeps you coming back for more.


Real Racing

Arguably one of the best racing games for the iPhone, this app has great graphics, tight controls and immersive sound, making it one of the coolest racing experiences ever on a handheld.


Doodle Jump

Another highly addictive game that sells for cheap but never grows old. The game is casual and simple, a perfect addition to any iPhone.


Peggle Classic

Combining awesome graphics, addictive gameplay and a little bit of randomness, Peggle is an exciting mix. This game brings a casual experience to the iPhone that has yet to be rivaled.


ROLANDO 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid

The sequel to the hit game, this app takes the Rolando tilt formula and cranks it up. This game is an improvement in almost every way to the original and really shows what iPhone-specific gaming can provide.


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