Top 5 Best Augmented Reality Games

Jul 30, 2018

Augmented reality has become increasingly popular over the last few years and the possibilities have expanded beyond simply catching Pokemon as you walk down the road. You can now create whole new worlds combining the real and the virtual, even batting enemies that appear in your real-life surroundings. The possibilities are endless and all you need is your phone or tablet to make them happen.

Below are five of the best augmented reality apps on the app store:


Orbu is a levels based games where you use a slingshot to move adorable creatures around each level in order to feed fish and win all three stars. Orbu combines beautiful graphics with augmented reality to create stunning levels that you can place in your very living room or even outside.

‘Orbu’ Trailer – AR Game Available In The iOS AppStore

DOWNLOAD ORBU ON THE APP STORE: Inspired by Japanese Zen gardens, Orbu is a physical Augmented Reality game with engaging slingshot mechanics. Transform your surroundings and embark on a journey through ever-changing seasons. Discover and collect new Orbu creatures such as Tanuki (raccoon dog), Noko (turtle) and Konkon (fox) – and guide them through a series of obstacle courses.

Orbu really showcases how augmented reality can be used to take mobile gaming to the next level, physically interacting with each level, moving closer to get a better sling shot and the ability to walk around each level and access a 360 view really helps to bring gameplay to life.

Price: $1.99

Woorld (Android)

Woorld is a sandbox game that allows you to combine the real world with the virtual world creating your own universe full of characters, toys and structures as wild as your imagination. Virtual objects and real objects interact seamlessly with each other, meaning that you can place virtual objects on real surfaces, this can be a great way for younger players to explore the ideas of balance and the basics of creating structures.

Woorld Teaser Trailer

Welcome to your Woorld! Woorld is a hand-held Alternative Reality experience we are building with Google’s new Tango technology, which will ship on the Lenovo Phab2 Pro this November! Poised at the beginning of a new creative movement that mixes digital and physical play, Woorld is a whimsical, exploratory application.

You can even walk through you creation by physically walking through the real world and interacting with the virtual objects around you. Woorld is a great game for kids allowing them to throw all of their toys up in the air, make as much mess and fun as they want with none of the tidying up afterwards.

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Developer: Funomena LLC
Price: Free

The Walking Dead: Our World (iOS, Android)

For fans of The Walking Dead Our World is the perfect game to introduce you to the possibilities available at your fingertips with augmented reality. Become a real zombie fighter, teaming up with your favorite characters from the show to stay alive and kill as many walkers as possible.

The Walking Dead: Our World Google Play Store

ARCore support for Android – Players with compatible android devices can fight walkers in AR with Google ARCore. Solo Missions – On the map screen you’ll now find Solo Missions . By completing these mission you’ll earn XP, Gold and along the way find Heroes to fight by your side.

Our World can be played anywhere from your local park to your very own living room, watch in horror as walkers appear on the sofa next to you, putting your reactions to the test in order to stay alive. You can even team up with other players in weekly challenges to unlock new weapons and characters and remind yourself that you are not the only man left standing.

The Walking Dead: Our World
The Walking Dead: Our World
The Walking Dead: Our World
The Walking Dead: Our World

Find the Mustache

Find the Mustache is a fun, seek and find, augmented reality game for the whole family. Play anywhere with a free table top or clear floor space and watch in amazement as each level appears before your very eyes.

Find the Mustache | Official App Store Game Trailer

Download now on the App Store: Find the Mustache is an augmented reality “seek and find” game for the whole family! Using augmented reality (AR) technology, you can play “in your world” simply by pointing your device at any free free floor space or table top.

Explore 16 different levels as you seek to find all of the hidden mustaches, a nice feature is that the mustaches move every time you re-start a level, meaning that there is endless hours of fun to be had.

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Find the Mustache
Find the Mustache
Developer: Lightbulb Labs
Price: Free+

Knightfall AR (iOS, Android)

Knightfall transports you to the world of The Knights Templar where your bravery is needed to defend the city of Acre and protect the Holy Grail from invading armies. Immerse yourself in each battle thanks to the magic of augmented reality, allowing you to physically move around the battlefield and really get in on the action.

KnightFall AR

One of the first applications using Apple’s augmented reality kit. Knightfall AR is an augmented reality experience placing you in the world of The Knights Templar. Seek to defend the city of Acre from an invading army and protect the Holy Grail. Use your iPhone to experience engaging actions right on your coffee table.

You must also upgrade defences and maintain your walls in order to hold the line and protect from the Mamluk. The game also features an extra mode that allows you to place characters from both the show and game into your real-life environment and choose their animations and share you creations on social media.

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