Top 3 Chinese Character Flashcard Apps for iPhone

Dec 8, 2011

Here are the flashcards I use to learn Chinese characters. One day I will read a Chinese newspaper…

5000 Chinese Audio Flashcards

($2.99) For serious students of Chinese who need to memorize the basic characters and solidify their vocabulary. Learn the 5000 most frequent characters through repetitive drills. First you see a character, then you choose the correct pinyin (which represents the sound of the character), and then you choose the proper definition to get the character correct. Hear audio for each character. You can also download custom character decks from, or share your decks.


Chinese Radicals Audio Flashcards

214 radicals compose every Chinese character – you can think of them as “root words” that help you read Chinese. This app goes beyond typical character flashcard apps, and drills you on both the pronunciation and the meaning of the radicals.


Learn Chinese Bigrams – Flashcards by WCC (Full)

($9.99) Good for intermediate Chinese learning. WCC Chinese Flashcards (Bigram) goes beyond normal Chinese learning flashcards that drill on one character at a time. WCC Chinese shows bigrams, meaning two character phrases. You see the phrase, then can listen to it and view it in simplified/traditional characters as well as get the Pinyin pronunciation that includes the proper tones. You can also find out the meaning of the component characters.


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