Top 25 essential iPhone & iPad blogging apps used by real bloggers

Oct 18, 2011

Blog on the go with these iPhone and iPad apps. You can write blog posts from anywhere — whether you are in Bali or Boston or Berlin, or even 30,000 feet in the air on a Wi-Fi ready plane, keep your loyal blog readers engaged from your mobile device. These are the blogging apps most listed and reviewed on Appolicious by those in the know, real bloggers.

Core Blogging Apps

1. Blog with iBlogger ($9.99, iPhone)

Reviewed by darthipad: “Fantastic blogging app that supports many household blogging platforms.”

Blogging Platform: WordPress, Blogger, ExpressionEngine, MovableType, TypePad, etc.

2. Blogger (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by lydia2: “Ahhhhh finally, the gods have listened…Well designed, intuitive interface! Recommend!”

Blogging Platform: Blogger

Listed By: justatitch

3. BlogPress ($2.99, iPad & iPhone)

Reviewed by The Bee’s Knees blogger J. Bean: “It’s an extremely easy app to use, and it has pretty much everything you need to write a post. You can upload photos, include links, and even edit the position, size, family, and color of your font. Once you’re finished writing your post, you can save and preview it. You can save a local draft, meaning it saves just to the app; or save an online draft, meaning it saves to the app and to your drafts on your blog. Save and create a new post, or discard the post completely. You can even set up and post to more than one blog at a time.”

LaoshiSeth tweets: “We use BlogPress to work on a collective class WordPress blog. Easier interface than the WordPress app.”

Blogging Platform: Blogger, MSN Live Spaces, WordPress, MovableType, TypePad, Live Journal, Drupal, Joomla, Tumblr, SquareSpace, My Opera

Listed By: agentcoco, wfryer, Alline

4. Blogsy ($4.99, iPad)

Reviewed by Bottle Up the Crazy blogger jenniferbeese: “Blogsy has made it fun to edit and publish posts on the iPad. By taking advantage of the iPad’s touch functionality, bloggers can now drag and drop media from the sidebar into their drafts. No more fussing with embed codes.”

Blogging Platform: WordPress, Blogger,, Posterous. Service support includes Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube

Listed By: Alline

5. Posterous (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by agentcoco: “Posterous’ concept is a cool one: simply email your blog post complete with pictures and every social media outlet that you’ve attached to your account gets posted, status-ed, tweeted. Their app helps keep it just as simple: just write, upload video or photos and push post. Perfect for super-simple writeups on the go.”

Blogging Platform: Posterous

Listed By: sjunkins, agentcoco, wfryer, doniree, jessicadally

6. Tumblr (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by GenPink and Dallas Food Nerd blogger elysa: “Quick and easy way to share a quote, or post a funny photo/text post to your tumblr site. You can also view the people you are following and repost or heart the posts they’ve shared. I love the diversity that is the tumblr community. ”

Blogging Platform: Tumblr

Listed By: justatitch, feelsurreal, elysa, thechaz, and inventimo

7. TypePad (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by darthipad: “If you use TypePad, this app is a must. You can write blogposts and add photos, as well as alert your friends to new posts. Pretty sweet!”

Blogging Platform: TypePad

8. WordPress (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by Nomadic Foodie blogger doniree: “The WordPress app lets you create, edit, and post straight from the app so if you’re posting quick-and-dirty photos, thoughts, quotes, etc., or want to edit something you’ve already written, this app allows easy access to do just that.”

Blogging Platform: WordPress

Photo Editing & Sharing Apps

1. Adobe Photoshop Express (Free, iPhone & iPad)

Reviewed by thumbwizards: “This is the app…for quick photo manipulation such as cropping or correcting images. It’s entirely what you would need to do the basics, with some added jazz of features that I personally have not tried…What I love best though about the app is the speed. And when I need to fix that image quick and send it.. This is the app of choice. Think speed and simplicity when using this app.”

Blogging Platform: All

Listed By: jenniferbeese, baardoa, mattstratton, hontzd, and jessicadally

2. Flickr (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by jessicadally: “I primarily use this when I need to upload pictures from an event while at an event. While this app is a bit slow on the uptake (or upload) it’s worth it to have readily available on your phone if you ever use Flickr. More importantly if you’re at a conference it’s likely that they will use this tool to aggregate all the pictures taken at the conference (or event) so if you’d like to be included then this is the app for you.”

Blogging Platform: All

Listed By: warzabidul, elemenous, jessicadally and justatitch

3. Instagram (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by Thoughts by the Pound blogger eswayne: “Instagram – I LOVE how this thing makes me look like I’m actually an awesome photographer – can’t go wrong. They shouldn’t be called ‘filters’ – they should be called “awesomeizers.”

Blogging Platform: All

Listed By: tsudo, agentcoco, bsandbox and motofrost

4. Picasa Photo Albums ($1.99, iPhone & iPad)

Reviewed by darthipad: “The UI lacks charm, but the app gets the job done. You can manage your Picasa account with Picasa Photo Albums.”

Blogging Platform: All

Listed By: doniree

5. PicPosterous (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by robertharm: “I use this app when I am at an event and want to give my friends visual impressions. So I send out a Twitter/Facebook-message with the url to the Posterous album and every time I add new pictures, their are automatically added to the album. Very convenient.”

Blogging Platform: Posterous

Listed By: Katie, elysa, and wfryer

6. TwitPict (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by darthipad: “Great app for uploading images to Twitter. Share photos with your followers.”

Blogging Platform: Twitter

Listed By: wfryer

Audio Blogging Apps

1. Cinch (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by New Digital Cafe blogger randycafe: “Cinch is a neat app for recording audio snippets and sharing them among social network platforms. Still iPhone focused but runs on iPad in emulation mode. Add this to your social networking and blogging repertoire.”

Blogging Platform: All

Listed By: sherylbreuker, tsudo, randycafe, and wfryer

Video Blogging Apps

1. Qik Video (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by comfypandabear: “Solid app for video chat–a fine alternative to Skype. Also can share videos to Facebook and Twitter.”

Blogging Platform: Qik, Twitter, Facebook

2. TwitVid (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by sharakarasic (moi!): “Easy & simple to post videos or photos to Facebook and Twitter. Videos get compressed before sharing and you can choose from several fun video filters. Nice UI.”

Blogging Platform: Twitter, Facebook, TwitVid

Listed By: kristennicole, elysa

3. Ustream (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by sharakarasic (moi!): “Stream live video easily onto your Ustream channel and share on Facebook and Twitter. You can also watch featured videos and videos from a variety of categories.”

Blogging Platform: Ustream

Listed By: Alline

Apps for Scheduling Microblogging Updates

1. HootSuite for Twitter (Free, iPad & iPhone)

Reviewed by Small Hands, Big Ideas blogger gracekboyle: “I picked HootSuite because it helps me maintain multiple Twitter accounts (I have my own, food blog and my company’s) and catches all the @replies seamlessly. I use it multiple times everyday!”

Blogging Platform: Twitter, Facebook, foursquare

Listed By: Lillian2611, DarkHorse2160, wfryer, and jessicadally

2. Pixelpipe – Post & Upload to the Social Web (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by blogger tsudo: “Forget synching your photos via iTunes. Upload them to Flickr, Picasa, FB, or any number of other spots all at once. My pics saved online before I ever make it back home. No other app fills this need and Pixelpipe is an absolute must-have.”

Blogging Platform: Blogger, WordPress, Tumbler, LiveJournal, Atom, MetaWeblog, Facebook, Twitter, TwitVid, TwitPic,, yfrog, LinkedIn, foursquare,, Yahoo Meme, etc.

Listed By: KristenNicole, wfryer, and tsudo

Apps to Connect With the Community & Drive Blog Traffic

1. Facebook (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by polygrafix: “All the bells and whistles, and basic functionality you have in the browser edition. Best of all it’s free. It sends you nice text notifications if someone posts a comment to your wall, photos or sends you a message.”

Blogging Platform: All

Listed By: lazerow, juicykate, glennstrachan, othernet, and manima

2. Twitter (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by abarber1: “This really is the best Twitter app out there. It’s simple, fast and easy to use.”

Blogging Platform: All

Listed By: lazerow, FastMall, manima, joemsak, and demianturner

3. StumbleUpon! (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by Just a Titch blogger justatitch: “I love using StumbleUpon to find new blogs and also to help promote my own—I get a significant amount of traffic when my posts are ‘stumbled.’ Definitely use this tool if you’re not already.”

Blogging Platform: All

Listed By: justatitch

Blog Analytics Apps

1. Analytics Pro (Free, iPhone)

Reviewed by thumbwizards: “Very happy with this app for giving me insight to the current day and how I am doing on hits every hour.”

Blogging Platform: All

Listed By: thumbwizards

2. Ego ($1.99, iPhone)

Reviewed by agentcoco: “This beautifully designed app lets you quickly see stats such as Google Analytics on your sites or how many people follow you on Twitter. Very useful if you have several sites you want to keep track of!”

Blogging Platform: All

Listed By: jenniferbeese, justatitch, and agentcoco

3. Quicklytics ($1.99, iPad & iPhone)

Reviewed by thumbwizards: “If you’re looking for “quick or detailed” overview of analytics on the go. Quicklytics is the App to grab.”

Blogging Platform: All

Listed By: thumbwizards

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