Jan 28, 2011

I decided that people always list the same old games for their top games (i.e. angry birds, doodle jump) not that they’re bad games, if anything, they’re great. But this is a list of the most recent top 10 games. Games that have come out in the last 3 months.

Pirate Strike

Simple to get into, love the fact that you got to dodge cannonballs, but if you want a lot of points, then you got to let the cannonballs get close to you, because that’s when you get combos. Getting a high score is not the only goal to this game, there is also treasure that you can find. There was an issue though, I noticed that you touch the pirate to move him but your finger blocks your view, but I noticed that you can still move the pirate by touching away from him, so that resolved the issue. This is the best dodge game i’ve played. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!


Cut the Rope Original™

Very smart gamplay where, using physics, you cut rope with a touch causing the candy to reach the monsters mouth. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!


Infinity Blade

Talk about wow, the graphics are phenomenal, and the gameplay is really enjoyable, reminds of the NES game Punch-Out!! which is really fun at first, but after fighting the same boss over and over, wears you out.


Super Crazy Wars

Mayhem, what can I say. A lot of customizations, cool graphics.


Burn the Rope

Interesting gameplay. At first, it was fustrating to move the fire around, but after a while i got the hang of it. There are many levels to try as well. Check it out.


Dead Space™

A great looking game with high production values. A little slow, but that’s what keeps you at the edge of your seat.


Legendary Wars

This game is set in a fantasy setting of a kingdom in chaos. It’s a castle battle game, but one of the better ones out there in the App Store.


Grim Joggers

This game is a lot of fun. If you liked Canabalt, Monster Dash and other running games, then you’ll enjoy this one too. Here you gotta keep 16 guys alive. Pretty cool.


Secret of Mana

A classic SNES RPG where a boy pulls out a sword, and changes his destiny. This is a game mixed between Zelda and Final Fantasy because in battles, you can move in real time, but when you attack, you have to wait a second in order to dish out some decent damage to enemies. Great sound track and decent story.


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