Top 10 iOS apps for Virtual Business from @JimEJr

May 27, 2011

Jim Washok (@JimEJr) has over 2,000 iOS apps. In addition to being an app fanatic he is Chief Texter for @OTAir. Here are Jim’s TOP apps out of 2k!

IM+ Instant Messenger

Awesome for chatting with co-workers and clients. Picked over others primarily due to a) stability, b) chat by voice with transcription, and c) provides popup notifications of incoming mail for multiple GMail and Google Apps accounts.


Note Taker

Zoom-in/enlarged handwriting window allows for ‘cleaner’ more legible recording of handwritten notes in meetings than most other ‘write by finger’ apps.



Great for signing proposals, agreements and other docs, especially PDFs, then email back out.


Fuze Meetings for iPhone

Can actually HOST, not just view, a webinar from an iPad…nuf said…how awesome is that?



I love mind mapping concepts, ideas, marketing strategies, even prospecting opportunities. Have recently begun looking at MindMeister. But, iThoughts has been my fav for awhile and the universal app allows for rapid note taking on any iOS device with syncing via Dropbox.



All of our companies files are in the cloud, but DB makes sure they are also on our hard drive. With or without connectivity, every team member has the files they need, yet we are safe from equipment failures.


iMockups for iPad

We use this iPad app to actually design our new and revised system interfaces.



Our own workflow and client solutions are mapped out easily in flow chart manner with this app.



There are a lot of to do apps, but none have all the simplistic, yet integrated functionality of ReQall. Only downer is still no iPad or Universal build, thereby requiring pixelated, portrait use on the iPad. But, best feature is being able to speak to-do items while fresh in mind no matter where…like driving, but no take eyes off road.

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ScanBizCards Business Card Reader

There are a number of good business card scanners. But, of those I have tried, SBC is the cream of the crop with intelligent integration with LinkedIn, Calendar and other tools essential for business use.


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