Top 10 Apps for Work at Home Moms (WAHMs)

Feb 5, 2010

Appolicious invited me to curate this list, and since work-at-home moms need all the help they can get, I’m always happy to share.

Intuition: Mom’s Personal Assistant

This is the ultimate sanity-saving organizational app for busy moms. Keep all your to-dos in one place and organize everything by location or by category or by date. So see your work to-dos, your shopping lists, your school events… all together! It’s tres organic.


The Weather Channel – local forecasts, radar maps, storm tracking, and rain alerts –

Does my nine-year-old need a raincoat, light sweater, or full-on coat? I have seconds to decide while racing out the door. The Weather Channel app shows me what the temperature will be like at recess, lunch, and after school.


Docs To Go Free

With family and work competing for every second, Documents to Go lets me do a last-minute proof or edit of Microsoft Office docs while waiting in the piano teacher’s living room or at the doctor’s office. Love that!



When I’ve found some great news articles or blog posts I’m dying to read, but it’s time to take number-one kid to gymnastics, I can send them all to Instapaper and read ’em while I wait.



I feel more connected to my business network when I can respond to a request, post a response to a group discussion, or recommend a colleague for a job while on the run.



I bill by the hour, so when I’m at Target grabbing plates for a classroom party and a call comes in about a critical project, I click in on ClockIn to track my time and I don’t miss a billable minute come invoicing time.


Fandango Movies – Times + Tickets

When the sitter says “yes,” it’s time to make fast plans. Fandango shows what’s playing where, and lets me buy tickets fast to lock down the night!



Life just happens when it happens. You’re not always near the Flipcam when a magical moment occurs. iVideo lets me capture the cute, the creative, and the crazy stuff in that moment.


Twit Pro for Twitter

No need to ask why I include this app, right? A tech WAHM has to promote her work wherever, whenever. Twit Pro makes it easy to keep the tweeting buzz going.


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