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Aug 12, 2010

I am the EVP of Sales for a software company and therefore always on the move across the globe, my main productivity tools are my iPhone 4 and my iPad (and of course sometimes my MacBook Pro). Here are the apps that I could not live without 😉

Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

I love Evernote as it enables me to work seamlessly from either my MacBook, my iPad or my iPhone 4. It has become my unique tool for capturing my notes, writing papers and brainstorming.


World Flights

I also use World Flights, not only because I designed it, but mainly because I designed it to fill my specific needs as one on the World’s most frequent flyers (one round the world trip per month with at least 6 stop overs and all the small trips in between). World Flights enables me to track the status of my flights using many different search approaches depending on my situation at any given moment. For $1.99 it is the best value for money flight tracker on the AppStore.


HotelsCombined: Hotel search & booking, compare vacation deals & discounts

IFindHotels is also a very good mobile search engine to find and book the best deals for almost any given hotel worldwide. It quickly became a must have for my ever changing plans.


Truphone – Free calls & messages, local or international

I use Truphone to minimize roaming costs while on wifi networked around the world and to call my foreign customers. Truphone Anywhere is also a wonderful way to call abroad while not connected to wifi.


Quickoffice Lite – view office documents for free

QuickOffice let’s me store and edit Word and Excel documents (even though working with spreadsheets is a little tedious) and has become a must have to quickly react to changes in contracts or other documents.

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Convert is another must have to quickly convert anything into anything, from currencies to measurements and temperatures, the calculator-like look and feel and functionality is a real winner.



I also use iBooks to not only store and read my books but also store my PDFs and since the iPad, I am storing all my presentations as PDF on iBooks for impromptu coffee table presentations.



Things is also my favorite task manager, like Evernote it let me seamlessly work from either my Mac, my iPhone or my iPad.


Angry Birds

Of course after a long business day or during a small break having a few games is also part of the whole experience my favorites are by far the superb Angry Birds…


Bejeweled 2 + Blitz

…and Bejeweled 2 (mainly for Bejeweled Blitz which is a great way to spend a spare minute).


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