Tools #2: Coin Toss Apps

Oct 21, 2010

When you need to choose heads or tails – and fish around in your pocket and come up with your iPhone instead of a penny! An engaging classroom tool.

Coin Flip Free

Heads or tails? Choose your coin and you can even use a real coin flipping gesture to flip your coin!


Coin Toss World Edition (with Cheat)

Excellent for educational use – you can choose coins from around the world to toss and help students tell the difference between a pound and a rand! Also good for cheaters – since you can pre-set the outcome.



Supports in-app purchase to download more coin packs such as all U.S. state quarters. You can even create your own coins!


A Two-Face Coin Toss

Toss a double sided 1922 Peace dollar. Turn on cheat mode and fool your friends. Secretly tap either the left or right side of the screen before tossing. Left side will make it always land on the burned side of the coin. Right will always land on the clean side of the coin.


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