Tools #1: Rulers & Protractors

Oct 21, 2010

The iPhone is the Swiss Army knife of mobile phones. Need to measure or create an angle? Or see how many centimeters or inches an object is? Try these iPhone rulers and protractors.


Whip this out of your pocket to measure in inches or centimeters.


Ruler Plus

Offers an extended ruler.


Scale Ruler

This ruler is specifically for those building model railroads. It contains a ruler, an automobile, a human angle chart and rail height reference for G, O, S, HO, N & Z scales.



Photo-based virtual protractor. Measure the angle of anything that can be captured with your iPhone’s camera.


Protractor 1st: Pro Angle Finder

Handy in the classroom. Measure angles in three different units: degree, radian, gradian and revolution.


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