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Oct 8, 2010

Online shopping is extremely convenient as well as a great informational tool to make sure you’re not overpaying! These apps bring e-commerce to your fingertips.

Amazon App: shop, browse, scan, compare, and read reviews

The lecherous salesmen at generic electronics store ABHOR seeing me in the store with my iphone. I am usually using this app to compare prices. You can also use this to order directly when you see just how much mark-up they are trying to get away with!


RL Classic

This is a cool bar-scanner that looks up the barcode you just scanned in and automatically searches online for prices. A great price checking tool if you can get your hands on the product.


This is a perfect app when you’re sick and you can’t possibly make it to the store that week! This takes the online website to your phone and allows you to buy household items that ships free to your doorstep. While this scores high in laziness — uh I mean convenience– sometimes the difference in price justifies getting off the couch and going to Big Lots and Target where you may get a better deal.


Grocery iQ

This helps you save money at the grocery store. It’s a shopping list and coupon finder all in one.


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