Time Killers

Dec 22, 2010

List of some addictive and enjoyable game apps that take little time to learn and can be played in just a few minutes.

Flick Golf HD

Addictive, easy-to-learn, great graphics, and very challenging. One of my favorite golf apps. ($4.99)


The Moron Test

Solve riddles and puzzles in this fun and engaging problem-solving game. Only downside is, once you’ve made it through all the levels, there isn’t much challenge left. Of course, getting there can be tricky! ($1.99)



New levels have been added to this “classic” time-killer. Help navigate your gingerbread man through, over, and under obstacles at a break-neck pace. ($1.99)


Doodle Bowling

Simple flick bowling app provides a quick and enjoyable challenge. I played for a couple of hours just to knock off my 10-year old daughter’s score. I won’t mention how little time she took reclaiming the title. (FREE)


Doodle Jump

Use your device’s motion-sensing power to guide your character up through levels of moving, breaking platforms, springs, monsters, jetpacks, and more. Quick and addictive. ($.99)


Atomic Ball HD

Nice-looking version of the classic Breakout game genre. Lots of powerups, decent graphics, and various levels of difficulty. ($.99)



While not much on fancy graphics, the simple challenge of UltraDeep puts it on the list. Simply guide your falling character down, over powerups, and around obstacles. ($.99)


Boost 2

This one reminds me a bit of the classic arcade game Tempest. It uses the motion-sensing technology of your device to maneuver around various obstacles and over powerups. Gets fast and challenging quickly! ($1.99)

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Geared for iPad

Physics-type game in which you must put gears into motion by dropping in new gears of various sizes. Starts out easy, but gets very tricky! ($2.99)



Fly through the planets and asteroid belts laying waste to the alien hordes. Fun, challenging, with lots of cool powerups. ($.99)


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