Tim Courtney’s iPhone Pics

Feb 24, 2010

It’s difficult to pin down favorite apps, because developers are so creative and come up with so many useful things to do on a mobile phone. I picked these apps to show a representation of practicality, fun, and business. As I work at a company that develops apps, I’d be remiss had I not included one of our popular ones in my list (The Secret).

Urbanspoon – Restaurant & Food Reviews

Use this app to find a restaurant in any neighborhood by type of food and budget. Very useful.


Shazam – Discover music, artists, videos & lyrics

An absolute necessity for anyone who hears a song and wants to know who it’s by.



Free international SMS-like messaging with Push Notifications. Avoid the $.25+ international SMS charges, and stick it to AT&T.



This is a fun, simple, whimsical game that can be picked up and dropped at a moment’s notice. Press the man to make him fart and launch him upward. See how high you can get him to go. Don’t let him fall!


The Secret Adversary

NOT the app I chose, using this as a placeholder until The Secret Daily Teachings is added. The Secret Daily Teachings is a daily message from the popular book The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. We (KeyLimeTie) built the application.


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