Tiger Woods and Golf

May 2, 2010

I always like to learn something and so I thought I would venture into Apps that have to do with Tiger Woods. I think this list is funny and fun. Enjoy!

GL Golf Lite

This is a very basic golf app. If you’re looking for fancy graphics and sound effects, they’re not here. Since I don’t know a lot about golf, this app is fun for me and it finishes up my brief exploration of Tiger Woods in the app store.


Tiger Woods Trivia

I don’t know how this app fairs if you are a hardcore Tiger Woods fan, but for the novice it’s interesting. I assumed his name wasn’t Tiger, but I didn’t expect Eldrick Tont Woods either. If you’re a pop culture fan, you’ll enjoy this app. I probably won’t keep it on my phone for forever.


TigerText Secure Messaging for Business

This app is awesome. It immediately deletes the texts on your phone, so you never have to remember something you want to forget again. If only Tiger had known.


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