Three addictive iPhone games by Paul Verardi

Aug 17, 2016

Paul Verardi has been developing iOS apps for about 4 years. Similarly to many app developers, he was never taught anything related to app development or coding in school, it has been a personal passion. About a year ago he left a partnership that he had built which had about 6 apps live on the store. Working alone, he has been built three notable, easy to understand, addictive games focusing on gameplay and possessing many unique and creative elements.


The game is a play off of the game “These Crazy Walls” which was incredibly popular until the developer decided to over-monetize with interstitial ads that constantly interrupted the game and then take it off the store. You simply tap to change the direction that you are moving to avoid obstacles. There are 5 levels of increasing difficulty, with level 5 being extremely challenging. There are plans to release more levels as time goes on. This mechanic has the ability to catch on based off of “These Crazy Walls” prior success with cleaner game play, unique obstacles, and a level based system.

Gravity Splat

The game was designed to appeal to kids but there are bonus objectives to each level that will attract older/more experienced players and keep them glued to their phone. The concept is simple, tap the screen to reverse gravity. You then have the option to tilt your device or use the arrow buttons on the screen to move. Move through the levels and reverse gravity to solve puzzles, collect stars, and make it back to the ship. It currently has 30 levels and the ability to earn bronze, silver, and gold medals on each level for completing them in under a certain amount of time.

Heart Rate Hop

The goal with this title was to create a very basic, highly replayable game that is simple in nature and yields to the “Flappy Bird” type of app-play cravings. The concept is simple, you are running on an ICU heart rate monitor line and hop over the spiked lines. You can run on both sides of the line to avoid certain obstacles that would be too tall to cleanly jump over. Be warned, once started you can’t stop playing even if you hate starting it again.

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