This iPhone app raises the high-end shoe shopping stakes

Mar 1, 2010

It’s simply shoes — fabulously expensive, trendy and classic shoes from the mecca of department stores, Bergdorf Goodman. Many may see this iPhone app as a tad frivolous, but to those of us with a serious love and unhealthy need for designer shoes, the free Bergdorf Goodman The Shoe Salon iPhone app is our candy; like sinking our teeth into a Godiva chocolate bunny on Easter Sunday.

You see, there is only one Bergdorf Goodman, and if you don’t live in New York City, you don’t have access to these beautiful creatures every day. Now, with this iPhone app, shoe loving women all over the grand United States of America can order the latest pair of Louboutins, Manolos and Choos (oh my!) at the touch of a button from the most fabulous department store on earth.

The catch is, you only have 24 hours to buy.

The Shoe Salon iPhone app is a virtual shoe-a-day calendar with an option to buy. Bergdorf Goodman’s is even offering on-the-house return shipping if you happen to not love your special delivery.

To make it even more enticing for the shoe lover with a philanthropic side, through March 31, Bergdorf Goodman will donate $5 for every app downloaded to City Harvest, a food rescue organization dedicated to feeding New York’s hungry inhabitants. Hats off to Bergdorf Goodman because, well, it really is a shame (not the mention bad karma) to walk down the street wearing a pair of $800 shoes when somebody is starving on the sidewalk next to you.

I do hope the fashion gods at BG will bring us another iPhone app soon, one that gives us access to more than just one pair of coveted shoes every 24 hours.

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